Born 1989
167 cm

Price: $1350 3 inseminations
Stud: Stoeterij ‘t Vierspan – Holland


I Say xx
Wahtamin xx Miss Rhona xx
Sire: Uniform
Liris keur pref prest Eros keur
Marinier SF
Sultan keur Nireina ster
Dam: Zanne keur pref
Marionne keur Homerus
Itina ster







Highness, stabled at Tineke Bartel’s stables, was started in 1997/98 among the young riders. Tineke Bartel’s opinion of the horse is that he shows talent, character and ability to do the advanced dressage like the piaff and the passage.

Highness gained a total score of 70 points during the 70 day performance test at Ermelo. He was placed in the top group of his year with 8 for walk, 7.5 for trot, 7.5 for canter, and 9s for character, stable behaviour and trainability. Highness is reported to be an honest and trustworthy stallion with a good inclination to work and who is obedient to his rider. In dressage Highness was easily collected and the jury concluded that he was a very talented dressage performer. In jumping Highness displayed his ample ability and fine leg technique.

His pedigree is exceptional. His father, Uniform, is a super sire. He was the unchallenged Champion of the 1981 performance test, who further developed into a remarkable versatile sport stallion. He gave convincing dressage performances, and is an expert over fences as well. As a 4 and 5 year old Uniform won all the saddle classes he was entered in, and his third place in the dressage index (171) makes him leader of all the stallions stationed in the Netherlands. In 1990 already 24 of his offspring performed at Z-level dressage.

The dam Zanne is ‘keur preferent’, and by the ‘spitzenvererber’ stallion Sultan. Sultan, with 3rd place on the dressage index, is topped off with a very high passing on figure of 85%. Sultan jumped at M-level and did dressage a Z-level. A large number of his sons have been approved. Zaane produced four colts, three later becoming ‘ster’, two in the middle of their dressage careers for which she has recently been awarded the ‘preferent’ predicate. One of Zaane’s sons by Variant was sold to Mexico in 1993 with a view to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.



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