Bente 412

Born 2000

Price: $2300
Stud: Stal Wijdewormer – Holland


Leffert Bontsje ster
Sire: Heinse 354
Ljutske ster Dimer
Bettie ster/prest
Nammen Brenda ster
Dam: Lobke Y ster
Ewalien ster Jochem
Pieterke ster


Bente is a red-hot splendid stallion. More than any other stallion he fits into a modern breeding program for Friesian breeders. He has a lot of Friesian presence and charisma. During the selection test he showed enormous energy and power in harness as well as under saddle. He performs at a high level in both dressage and as a driving horse. Bente is a representative of the stam 74 line, a world-wide recognised and respected line known especially through the legendary stallion Gerke 220. Bente resembles Gerke very much according to many breeding authorities. He has in the dam line a great deal of Age blood via the stallion Ewound 250. Bente has a beautiful front and breeders know that a good front sells! Because of his good type, talent, terrific conformation and energetic character there were high expectations for his breeding of excellent outdoor and sport performance horses. He performs at this stage in M 1 in Dressage and M Driving.
Quotation from the 2004 Foal Report: “The foals are characterised by a long stride and show a powerful walk and trot…” The connections in the top line are sufficient and strong. The foals distinguish themselves by their long legs which are of good quality.

Bente convincingly passes on his qualities to his offspring and was therefore approved in 2008 on the basis of his offspring with an excellent report. The Bente offspring distinguish themselves by their refined and luxurious exterior and abundant feathering. They display plenty of willingness to work. And there is no question about it where that quality comes from: In the past year Bente has made an ineradicable impression in the pleasure driving classes at the national competitions.
Last year, Crown mare Savannah (Bente x Fabe) turned out to be the top supplier in the Champion’s selection at the Breeders’ Day in Oudkarspel. Her colt foal by Sjerp 446 first became Foal Champion, and later Junior Champion, and Savannah’s 3-year old daughter by Dries was declared both Champion in the 3-year old class as well as Overall Reserve Champion.
Another outstanding performer by Bente is Nico van de Haffriehoeve who competes in the in-hand driving classes. During the FEI World Para-equestrian Driving Championship for Singles, he won the bronze medal driven by Jan Ranzijn from Warmenhuizen and he was a member of the team that took home the gold medal.


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