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IHB - Serving the equine industry through frozen AI from the world’s best.
Established since 1989 International Horse Breeders Pty Ltd offers to all serious horse breeders many years of experience in the trade of frozen AI. We bring to Australian breeders the choice of the best stallions that the world has to offer. Our experience, technical skills and success now speaks for itself. Our average conception rate of two inseminations per pregnancy is the envy of the international market.

IHB is unique in the horse breeding industry because we serve a range of equine disciplines. If your interest is dressage, jumping or eventing, visit our Warmblood horse stud gallery. Quarter Horse enthusiasts, see our range of reining, and Western pleasure stallions.  We also have Friesian, Welsh Cob, Connermara, German Riding Pony and Pure Spanish stallions through frozen AI.

From our menu, click on the breed of your choice and all of the stallions available will be shown as a picture gallery.  Or you can navigate to a particular semen supplier to view only their stallions and their terms of sale. Click on any particular stallion for more information.

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