Warmblood – Deckstation Paul Schockemohle

Deckstation Paul Schockemohle – Germany

Website: www.schockemoehle.com

Three inseminations are supplied for the price listed, only one pregnancy permitted. A pregnancy is deemed a pregnancy at 18 days.

If you have achieved one successful pregnancy at 18 days and you  wish to breed another mare with any semen remaining, you must first enter into another contract of sale with IHB where you will be required to pay another 3 inseminations price to achieve one successful pregnancy. If you have achieved one successful pregnancy at 18 days and do not wish to breed another mare any remaining semen belongs to IHB/PSI and must be returned.

If your mare slips a pregnancy after 18 days and before 1 July, and if there is still some semen left from the original 3 inseminations, it may be used to breed your mare again to attempt one pregnancy, either the same season or the next season, and if your mare gets in foal no further pregnancy fee will be required. IHB must be supplied with a vet certificiate by 1st July as proof of mare slipping before any remaining semen is used.  If there is no semen remaining from the original three inseminations given and your mare slips after 18 days and before 1 July, another 3 inseminations can be purchased at half price to achieve one pregnancy. A vets certification of mare being empty before 1 July must be given to IHB. No responsibility is taken for any pregnancy that slips after 1 July.

If your mare is not in foal after the original 3 inseminations of semen has been used, another 3 inseminations may be purchased at half price to attempt one successful pregnancy. A vets certification as proof of mare being empty after three inseminations must be given to IHB.

No pregnancy guarantee is given.

A client is not permitted to sell or give any semen to another person at any time for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy.
Please order by end July to ensure that semen supplies will be available for the up-coming season. IHB reserves the right to change prices should the need arise..

Some of the older stallions we can still sell per single insemination doses for half price of the three inseminations as listed, for one pregnancy: Champion du Lys, Candidatus, Champion FP, Daddy Cool, Diamonit, Don Kennedy, Don Picardi, Lauterbach, Lord Sinclair, Rosario, Samarant, Samba Hit 111 and Sergeant Pepper.

Photographs courtesy of professional photographers Beelitz, Bronkhorst, Bugtrup, Digital World, Ernst, Eylers, gr, Feldhaus, Lafrentz, Melissen, Rau, Ridehesten, Ruschel, Schreiner, Sportfot, Wiegaarden.


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