Selection of Stallions


We take great care in selecting stallions which are the most successful in the breed they represent. Most valuable are the ‘spitzenvererber’ – stallions which are proven in their own right to pass on to their progeny the type of abilities for which they are world renown. However, we also carry younger stallions of significant bloodlines which promise to be the proven sires of tomorrow.

The foals already in our midst through frozen AI speak for themselves. They are stamped with quality, presence and movement and reflect the superior breeding of their fathers.

The selection of the mothers is, of course, in your hands. But no matter how good your mare, we have the stallion to improve upon her qualities. Our excellent selection of stallions and bloodlines will enable you to choose the most appropriate sire for your foal both now and in future generations.

mother and foal

Courtesy Regal Warmblood Stud


selecting a stallion