Born 2004
166 cm
Ln 431316658504

WFFS neg

Price: $2220 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Tudor Melody
Tarim Tamerella
Sire: Sunlight xx
Sunflower Dragonara Palac
Wolkenstein 11 Wolke
Dam: Wenezia
Anastasia Avus

Once again a half-Thoroughbred succeeded in placing in the top group. Silberschmied by Sunlight x x /Wolkenstein 11 was Reserve Champion at his performance test. He convinced with his exceptional character and his consistent suppleness. In addition he had by far the best walk of the entire group. This typey sire presented himself in an outstanding fashion on all testing days, clearly on the aids at all times. Silberschmied captivates with his noble and elegant conformation. Via Sunlight xx the stallion goes back to Derby Champion Tarim xx who is one of the few thoroughbred stallions that completed his 100 day performance test with other Warmblood stallions.

Sire Sunlight has been used extensively in Hanover and has 8 sons licensed and 10 State Premium mares. He is a good improver in dressage, riding type and conformation. Damsire, Wolkenstein 11, is a well-known son of the legendary Weltmeyer and was Vice Champion of the stallion licensing at Verden in 1992. He was champion riding horse in 1993 in Mannheim and winner of his performance test in 1993. He has a faultless character and extraordinary willingness to perform. He has proved himself as a valuable breeding sire in Germany with an extremely high breeding value index for dressage, conformation and riding type.

At his performance test Silberschmied was given 8 character, 9 temperament, 8 willingness to perform, 8 conformation, 8 trot, 8 canter, 8 walk, 9 rideability, 5.67 jumping, 8 free-jumping manner, 8.33 free-jumping technique. He came second in the dressage section out of 52 stallions in his year. He has 1 licensed son, 16 state premium mares, 8 auction horses.

HLP 2007: 129.29/2/52; DI 142.02/2; SI 94.64/24.
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse (126) Highest level achieved (123) Jumping Young horse (60)
Riding Type (149) Conformation (107)  Dressage (115) Jumping (76)


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