Born 2011
165 cm

Ln 409090011711


Price: $1150 GST incl per insemination
Stud: Gut Schmarsow – Germany


Djerba Oua  ox
Kallistos X  AA Keseybiss X AA
Sire: Konvoi   Trak
Komposition II   Trak  Hauptstutbuch Elfenglanz   Trak
Kornfee   Trak  Hauptstutbuch
Caramel xx
Heraldik xx Heraldika xx
Dam: Polarfreude II  Trak
Polarkoenigin II  Trak Habicht   Trak
Polarsonne IV  St Pr Hauptstutbuch   Trak







From Gut Schmarsow Germany

A star rises on the horizon of versatility. One of the most successful Trakehners in eventing on international level


English Thoroughbred through the history making sire Heraldik xx. Worldcup and Nation Prizes in showjumping. Offspring in Dressage, showjumping at the highest level and in Eventing up to the Olympic Games.

French influence of bloodline (AA) through Konvoi v. Kallistos x, licensed in hurdle races and offspring in international Showjumping and Eventing up to Olympic Games.

Well-established Trakehner Blood Ratio through Habicht v. Burnus AAH (Eventing up to highest level) and Elfenglanz (Award winning up to Level S).

The famous mare families of Polarfahrt and Kokette from the Main Stud “Trakenhnen”, a success promising foundation.


On 29.03.2015 Polartanz was licensed in Alsfeld at the breeding association for sport horses of Arabian descent and was registered in the stallion book I. The charming stallion scored especially for his excellent paces and his very good, concentrated and easy free jumping.

Noble blood share: 72.07%. Currently licensed and approved for the breeding areas of Trakehner Verband, Deutsches Sportpferd (DSP), Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch ZSAA.

Through his tournament success in 2018/19 Polartanz has fulfilled the requirements of the FN/ZVO for the HB1 entry.

To our great delight, Polartanz was recognized by the Trakhener Horse Society and Sueddeutsche Verbaende (DSP) and presented in HB1.

Polartanz is available to interested breeders worldwide via best quality frozen semen.

The Stallion was prepared for Koerung at Gestuet Majenfelderhof, Schleswig-Holstein.

Polartanz is promoted and placed high up to CIC***-L and is further educated gently and educated in the sport. Here is a stallion with an exceptional pedigree for versatility. He has intelligence, and the best character. Highest power of concentration, rideability and rhythm in the dressage. Best Constitution and courage in cross country. Excellent overview and tremendous potential in the show jumping course!


The first foal year by Polartanz confirms our highest expectations. The foals demonstrate a great nobility, great sportiness and have a human-related nature. Polartanz passes his very good paces, excellent interior and serenity on to his descendants. They are very attached to humans. Their movements are famous for being highly elastic, with impulsion and continuous rhythm. See the Gut Schmarsow website.

Polartanz Competition Results:

12.7.19    CCI 3*-S-international-    2nd place    Jardy/FRANCE

25.5.19   CCI 3*L-international-      4th place   Houghton Hall

11.5.19   CCI 3*-S-international-    3rd place   Floors Castle

19.4.19   CCI 2*-L-international-   1st place   Oudkarsperl

30.3.19   Vielseitgkeitsprfg. KI.L  5th place   Hannover

1.7.18   CCI 1*-international-   3rd place   Maarsberger

10.6.18   CIC 1* -international-  2nd place   Oslbevern

14.4.18   Vielseitigkeitsprfg. KI.L     1st place  Kreuth/Opf.

4.6.17 Vielseitigkeitsprfg.KI.L    11th place  Niederseeon

27.5.2017 Gelandepferdeprfg KI.L   2nd place  Forchheim

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