Contendros Bube

Born 2002
167 cm
Ln 431314439902

WFFS neg

Price: $2220 3 ins for max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Calypso 11
Contender Gofine
Sire: Contendro 1
Bravo Reichsgraf
Pik Keonig
Pik Bube 1 Franka
Dam: Pik Bubes Girl
Juwel Moltke 1

Sire of Contendro’s Bube is Contendro 1 by the legendary sire Contender. Contendro has already produced numerous approved sons in diverse breeding regions. He was winner of his performance test with a score of 146.62 points. He is the leading stallion personality of all the sires of the Holstein Association. Initially stationed at Oldenburg as a sire he established his reputation as a maker of showjumpers of international class. Stationed back at Holstein he presented numerous competition sports horses and stallion sons. The dam Bravo was mated with Carentino and gave birth to the sire Caretano. Dam sire Reichsgraf was a promising Holstein stallion but perished very young. The grandam Ofarim presented two approved sons, Caballo and Conteur. Contendro is strongly inbred to Ramzes AA, whilst Contender derives from a Ramiro dam. Contendro is earning his own reputation as a successful sire of licensed sons and competition progeny with a high breeding index for jumping but who can also sire successful dressage horses. Dam Pik Bubes Girl was the 1990 Federal Champion Mare in Verden, and granddam to the stallion Don Crusador and Don Bosco. She descends from the foundation stock 5421.

Contendro’s Bube received the following scores at his performance test: 8 character, 9 temperament, 9 willingness under saddle, 8 conformation, 8.5 trot, 8.7 canter, 7.5 walk, 8,7 rideability 6.4 jump, 8.3 jumping manner. He finished his stallion test as the second Reserve Champion of his age group. He had a successful debut at advanced level tests with various placements right at the beginning of 2009. He delighted judges with his powerful and dynamic trot and canter extensions, developed from an excellent hind leg with a lot of carrying power. The self-carriage of this stallion is hard to top as he always maintains an uphill going tendency. He has 13 state premium mares and 16 auction horses.

HLP: 2005 128/3 ; DI 138.69/2 ; SI 100.03/2
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage (135) Jumping (105)
Riding Type (103) Conformation (102) Dressage (111) and Jumping (110)

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