Nane 492

Born 2012

166 cm

Dwarfism  Clear  Hydrocephaly  Clear

Price: See Below
Stud: Stal Henswoude – Holland



Tsjerk 328
Hinne 427 Anke
Sire: Wimer 461
Adellyke Heinse 354
Reitse 272
Brandus 345 Sport Pref Hoogheid
Dam: Joselien Star
Marijke fan ‘e Skans Tamme 276
Osta Star


Price One Insemination $690 Pregnancy price $2760 at 45 days.

With a super performance Nane 492, the first approved son by Wimer 461, scooped up the Overall Reserve Title during the Stallion Inspection 2017. An achievement that won both him and his sire a more prominent place in the breeding scene.
End 2015 Nane 492 proved himself the ace of the Performance Test with 81 scores for the riding test, 88,5 for the driving test and 88 scores for show driving. The Stallion Inspection Jury had nothing but praise for his work attitude and the progress he showed. His correct conformation, strong top line and fine front were additional points of credit. He demonstrated a lot of forward-go and willingness to work. He shows great ease of movement and suppleness with an uphill outline. He got one small remark for his hind leg that was a bit slow but this doesn´t influence his posture.

On his paternal side Nane 492 carries the blood of the classy Tsjerk 328 and Heinse 354 with his lovely breeding type. Nane’s dam Joselien T.J. is a Brandus 345 daughter, a stallion who features in the top charts of sport aptitude and character. Nane 492 was criticised for not having sufficient quality in the dam line. Dam, granddam and great-granddam are Star but not Preferent and the next mare up the line breaks the momentum by being just Studbook. The generations further back reveal high-quality mares. Sire Wimer 461 was given a second chance and received a ticket for the Central Examination via the re-judging. At this moment in time Wimer 461 has produced eleven Star sons and 48% of his inspected daughters have become Star.
Breeder Tjeerd Jongsma describes Nane 492’s dam Joselien T.J. and granddam Marijke fan ‘e Skâns as very alert horses. Joselien brought two foals during her stay at Jongsma’s yard and both Nane 492 and his by two years older brother Ietzen T.J. (Tietse 428) were given a first premium. Jongsma: ‘When I bought her, Marijke fan ‘e Skâns had already been a bit of a wanderer because various people had tried to start her in work but had failed. These two are fast horses and you need to know how to deal with that. I win their trust with patience and quietly building up the work.’ Tjeerd Jongsma bred six foals from Marijke before he sold her to Marina Neumeier in Pornbach, Germany. Jongsma no longer has any offspring from either mare.
Marijke was born in the Jansma family yard in Anjum. Marijke’s dam Osta (Peke 268) gave Jansma nine foals but only Marijke became Star. At the age of sixteen she was sold to Tempel in Noordhorn. Osta was bred by L.C. Krikke in Opende who very briefly was the owner of Studbook mare Ifigenia. Hence, neither mare has been used much for breeding.

Foal Premium: 1st Premium. Approved in 2015. Year of progeny approval: 2020.

Vice Champion of the stallion show 2020. Vice Champion of the younger stallions of the stallion show 2020. Vice Champion of the stallion show 2017. Vice Champion of the younger stallions of the stallion show 2017. Vice Champion of the younger stallions of the stallion show 2016.

Stallion test results:

Under Saddle – Walk  7.00, Trot  7.0  Canter  7.50  Posture/Balance  8.0  Elasticity  7.0  Transitions  7.0  Impulse 8.0  Total 81.00

Driving (dressage) – Walk 7.50  Trot 7.5  Posture/Balance  8.50  Elasticity  8.0  Transitions  7.50  Impulse  9.0  Total 88.50

Show Driving – Trot expression front leg 8.50  Trot expression rear leg  7.50  Trot suspension 7.50  Posture  8.0  Front  9.0 Elasticity  7.50 Impulse 8.0 Total 88.0

Sporting success: 1.1.2020 Winner Pavo/Fryso bokaal tuigaanleg 2016. Tuigen 2018 Winner KFPS Nieuwelingen competition in 2017/2018. Overall winner KFPS Sport competition  tuigen. Tuigen Winner Provincial Fryslan Price 2019. Dressage Class Z1 = 9 winning points.


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