Born 1991
167 cm

Price: $1500 3 inseminations
Stud: Stoeterij ‘t Vierspan – Holland


I Say xx
Wahtamin xx Miss Rhona xx
Sire: Uniform keur pref
Liris keur pref prest Eros keur
Afrikaner xx
Variant Lilium keur pref pres
Dam: Ennia keur
Unia keur pref Eros keur
Monic keur pref pres


Junior is the name of one of The Netherland’s greatest dressage talents. He is naturally the successor of his father Uniform – the grey stallion of whom countless children do very well in dressage competitions.

As a 3 year old this was the sort of thing said of Junior: ‘as a riding type stallion, Junior is a fair, reliable and well-balanced stallion. The grey pays a lot of attention to work. The basic movements have lot of space, power, balance, and suppleness. His collection is excellent. As a dressage horse Junior has a lot of talent and gives his rider a very good feeling. As a jumping stallion, he has sufficient talent. At the stable and in work his temperament is very good’. He received performance scores of 7.5 walk, 8 trot, 8 canter, 8.5 dressage test,character, 9 behaviour, 9 trainability.

Junior was overall Champion Stallion 1995, 1996 and 1997 in Holland. Anky van Grunsven chose to ride Junior as a young horse and to compete with him in Europe. In the past Junior with Anky won Prix St Georges competition in Mechelen (Belgium) with 70,21%, in Rucphen they won with 72,13% and at Indoor Brabant, Den Bosch they scored 70,21%. Gestion Junior STV made headlines under Dutch prima donna Anky van Grunsven. The pair won the Prix St Georges test at the CDI-W Malines, Belgium.


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