Fabe 348

Born 1993

Price: $2885 GST Incl.
Stud: Stal Wijdewormer – Holland


Frans Pauline ster
Sire: Melle
Woltje ster Ygram
Ritske pref
Romke Seaske ster pref
Dam: Kee ster
Hilja ster Ulrig
Neeltsje model


Fabe is a distinguished 1st premium pitch black stallion with good conformation a strong front, a great stance and a nice head. He has as an advantage a Tetman–free damline.
He knows how to present himself, is known for his extremely powerful movements and his character is terrific. According to the inspection committee Fabe is a real gentleman who stays calm and undisturbed when he is working and his has very polite manners. He is easy on the reins in his harness work.
During his performance test he showed that he loves to work hard under saddle as well as in harness. Fabe is easy to handle and gives both the rider and driver a good feeling. He is even in temperament and obedient.

Fabe is the son of Melle 311 the highest placed Friesian stallion in Z dressage and champion of 1996. Behind Melle is the performance blood of the A line. His mother Kee is a ster daughter from Romke 234.
Fabe 348 did his exams in 1996 at the Central Keuring. Scores at his performance test were: walk 6, trot 7, canter 6, riding test 7, reining test 7, driving test 6, show 7, character 9, stable behaviour 9, trainability 8.5. He has won first place in all his performance exams & won the Res Championship several times. He is father of Sape 381 and Jorn.

Fabe is a 20-year old Grand Old Man, the stallion with the smallest kinship percentage in the KFPS. He is an absolutely proven supplier of stability in inheritance. No less than four of his daughters managed to obtain the much coveted MODEL predicate.
Fabe breeds very typical horses with an excellent confirmation and good long croups. His offspring is well known for their excellent stride and strong movements. In addition, Fabe passes on his golden character.
Generally, Fabe offspring show a great deal of talent for dressage, including the Fabe son Jorn 430 (dam’s sire Feitse), who was awarded the Champion title in the Prix St. Georges during the Post Kogeko Championship in Kootwijk. The day ended even better when Hero V won the Reserve Champion title in the ZZ Light class (third level progressing towards fourth level). And then there is the 13-year old Wilke C van de Wijdewormer; ridden by Melanie Mouthaan, Wilke has obtained 5 points in the ZZ Advanced class. Melanie intends to make the transition to the Light Tour at the beginning of 2013, to then continue to the Grand Prix level.


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