Lammert 260

Born 1975

Price: $3300 GST Incl.
Stud: Stal Wijdewormer – Holland


Gerke Ereprijs model preg
Sire: Bjinse
Pinksterblom Ritzke pref
Diena ster
Nanne model
Evert Minkje model
Dam: Trynie model pref
Lisck ster Oene
Hinke model pref

The impact of Lammert laid the foundation for the Stal Wijdewormer. He is described as having a good character, energetic walk and outstanding movements overall to offer to Australian breeders. These traits he also gives to his offspring. Lammert, although he is old, has kept his lovely presence. He is friendly and quiet in handling. Lammert does not have Tetman blood in his pedigree, so this makes Lammert very valuable in producing in the younger generations a great trustworthiness and an excellent character.

He was champion stallion in 1981, 1983, and 1984. In 1982 and 1985 he was Reserve Champion of the Friesian sires. After this he was not presented at the Championships because he was in France and in Germany. No only is Lammert a good representative of the Age line but he has also sired many ‘ster’ mares and mothers of stallions. Mares like Diet van‘t Hop 7278, Hanneke Boszorg 7863, Aafke Anne 7181, and Anemie 7250 are some of his daughters.

Lammert was the first Friesian stallion to reach Class Z dressage. This was at the time unique. It is therefore not surprising that he sired a number of above average dressage horses. Jarch, one of Lammert’s sons is the highest classified Friesian stallion in Germany and also performs in Class S dressage. His son Gaye was Class Z2 dressage and Champion in Friesian driving events. A daughter Helmie 7853, was the best performing driving horse at the ‘central keuring’ or classification.

Lammert died 20 Jan 2003. Frozen semen is still available.


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