Born 1984
166 cm
Ln 331314403584

WFFS neg

Price: $2960 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Woermann Mandat
Sire: World Cup I
Sendernixe Sender
Absatz Landmoor
 Dam: Anka
Adelsbuch Adorno

Weltmeyer was already a legend at 13 years of age! The most admired stallion Weltmeyer was winner of the stallion testing at Adelheidsdorf 1987. He was Champion of the 3 y.o. riding horses at the national championship at Vechta in 1987 and champion of the DLG 1989 in Frankfurt. Also in 1989 he was Stallion Conformation class Champion in Hanover. His outstanding gaits and his rideability make him to be most qualified to produce dressage horses with very good type. Weltmeyer has cadenced movements and beautiful suspension and elevation. He jumps well too! He is schooled up to advanced level and joined the world-famous ‘Celle chestnuts’ for shows all over the world. Weltmeyer is a most impressive stallion. On his sire’s side is World Cup by Woermann, on his dam’s side is Absatz. Offspring of Woermann fetch very high prices, and Absatz is a producer of leading sires. World Cup 1 was already an outstanding sire: performance test winner, double DLG reserve champion stallion, sire of top stallions and a DLG champion mare.

Weltmeyer’s trade mark is to leave powerful horses with impressive conformation, good bones and top-line. He was first bred in 1988. His daughter Windrose was vice champion of European mare show in Brussels 1992, and a son Wolkenstein 11 is quite outstanding. He is the sire of Wittinger and Wonderful, Wolkentanz and Welt Hit 1. Weltmeyer’s sons dominated Mannheim.

His stallion sons Williams Gold, Wittinger and Wolkentanz won at the Verden approvals, whereas Wonderful, Wolkenstein 11, White Star and Welt Hit 11 each became approval vice-champions respectively. In addition to this Wittinger, Weltburger, Wolkenstein 11, Wolkentanz 1, White Star, Welt Hit 1 O and Wildrose were victorious at the Federal Riding Horse Championships, whereas his sons Wittinger, Wolkenstein 11 Weltburger, Wie Weltmeyer, White Star, White Magic and Welt Hit 1 O were stallion performance test winners. The mating combination of Weltmeyer and the Oldenburg mare Cileste produced the sextet of approved full brothers, Welt Hit 1-V1 which is unique in contemporary horse breeding. On top of this there are a number of top quality auction horses such as Weltspitze who fetched a price of DM590,000.00 in Vechta in the spring of 1997. Of his first crops, Wie Weltmeyer succeeded effortlessly in bounding into the Grand Prix dressage arena, where he has already tallied up successes. For years now, Weltmeyer has been leading in the FN breeding value rating for dressage. His progeny are nevertheless also above average in show jumping.

Weltmeyer is a phenomenal improver of progeny in riding horse type and in conformation. He improves in trot, canter, and rideability. He has 86 licensed sons, 454 state premium mares, 1408 main stud book mares, 383 auction horses, and the total winning sum of progeny is Euro 2,750,210.00.

HLP 1987: 143.96/1/40; RI 143.94/1 SI 141.44/3
Breeding Values: Dressage Young horse (134) Highest level achieved (155) Jumping Young horse (56) Highest level achieved (53) Riding type (120) Conformation (137) Dressage (1356 Jumping (73)


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