Born 2003
166 cm
Ln 431319101303


Price: $2220 3 ins for max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Calypso 11
Contender Gofine
Sire: Contendro 1
Bravo Reichsgraf
Granulit Raggio Di Luna
Dam: Granulita
Elinda Landadel

Grandsire Contender decided the 1987 stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in his favour, and has meanwhile already produced over 80 approved sons for diverse breeding regions. He is the undisputed top stallion among all sires of the Holstein Association today. Sire, Contendro I was given the honour of premium stallion at his approval in 1999. In the following year he confirmed the high expectations that were placed in him when he won the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with top scores in all parts of the index. In the partial index for jumping he became the outright winner. In 2001 he was a highly placed contestant at the Holstein Riding Horse Championship, and was nominated for the Federal Championship. Meanwhile he has had successes in showjumping tests up to intermediate level. Numerous Contendro I foals were premiumed, and sold at well above-average prices at the Verden foal auctions. In 2004 eleven of his sons were approved in Verden, Neumünster, Münster-Handorf and Kreuth. The state studs Neustadt/Dosse and Schwaiganger as well as some private stallion keepers each secured at least one Contendro I son for themselves. Celle stands four sons including Comte.

Comte passed his stallion performance test in 2006 in Adelheidsdorf among the best of his age group, also as the Reserve Champion in the partial index for jumpng. Comte was given 8 for character at his performance test in 2006, 7.33 for trot, 8.16 for canter, 5.83 for walk, 7.33 for rideability, 8.417 for free jumping, 8.5 for cross country and 8.667 for jumping technique. He has 2 licensed sons, 36 state premium mares and 27 auction horses.

HLP 2006: 124.67/6/47; DI 110.24/10; SI 130.42/2
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse (112) Highest level achieved (89) Jumping Young horse (138) Highest level achieved (101)
Riding Type (114) Conformation (110) Dressage (92) and Jumping (139)

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