Born 2008
Dark Chestnut
170 cm
Ln 431316833908

WFFS pos

Price: $2960 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Quaterman Rauberbraut
Sire: Quaterback
Passionata Sr Pr Brandenburger
Donnerhall Ninette
Dam: Dorata K St Pr
Wenke K St Pr Walt Disney 1

Quaterhall’s grandsire, Quaterman 1 was the first Res Champion at the licensing in Neustadt/Dosse, the winner of his stallion performance test and a participant in Bundeschampional several times. And is one of the best sires for passing on movement. His sire Quaterback was the 2005 Res Champion of the joint licensing held by the Verbands of Berlin-Brandenburg and Sachsen-Anhalt in Neustadt/Dosse. In 2006 he won the Bundeschampionat in the class for 3 yo riding horse stallions in Warendorf with the highest scores for his trot and canter, and 10’s for rideability from the guest riders. He did an excellent job at his 30 day test in 2006 in Neustadt/Dosse, and in 2008 won a qualifier for the Bundeschampionat.Quaterback has sired new standards in his foals and many sold for top prices. In Verden a Quaterback youngster sold for 120,000 Euros.The breeding of Quaterhall is spectacularly combined with Donnerhall, the unsurpassed sire for dressage.

Quaterhall gained the following scores at his performance test at Neustadt/Dosse 2011 30 day: Dressage 143, Jumping 76, Character 8.5, Temperament 8.5, Willingness 8, Rideability 8.5, Jumping 6.5 Trot 8.25, Canter 8.25, Walk 7.5. He has 25 state premium mares, 53 auction horses.
HLP: 2012: Dressage 162, Jumping 89.
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse (127) Highest level achieved (145) Jumping Young horse (63)
Riding Type (116) Conformation (145) Dressage (104) Jumping (79)


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