Born 2003
Dark Bay
Ln 431314900503


Price: $2175  for 3 ins for max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Black Sky xx
Bolero Baronesse
Sire: Brentano 11
Glocke Grande
World Cup 1
Weltmeyer Anka
Dam: Wolkentanzerin
Lovely St Pr Ludendorff
Artige St Pr

Here is another successful cross of the Brentano 11 x Weltmeyer genes which has produced other superb horses, including Worldly whom Celle also stood and who has made his mark as a breeding sire in his own right. See information on both Weltmeyer and Brentano 11 under their own sections. The dam Wolkentanzerin is a full sister to Wolkentanz and Wolkentanz 11. The hereditary power of the dam’s sire Weltmeyer has been written in the history books on the Hanoverian dressage breeding with more than 100 licensed sons, 348 State Premium mares, and numerous sporting cracks. The black stallion Ludendorff in the third generation has a reputation as a supplier of easy to ride dressage horses and jumpers. Two often combined stallions, Furioso 11 and Agram are found in the fourth and fifth generation.

Balettmeister was the surprising dressage champion of his year. He hardly touched the ground while trotting through the ring and his quality of movement did not leave anything to be desired. At his performance test in 2006 Balettmeister was given 8.25 for temperament, 8.33 for trot, 8 for canter, 8.5 walk, 9 for rideability, 6.167 for free jumping, 6.25 for cross country and 7.33 technique. He was placed first in his dressage section and came third overall out of 47 stallions. He impressed instantly for his beautiful type, medium size frame and strong moving ability. He has 5 state premium mares and 4 auction horses.

HLP 2006: 129.39/3/47; DI 146.42/1; SI 93.07/21

Breeding value scores: Dressage Young horse (134) Highest level achieved (130)  Riding Type (107) Conformation (106) Dressage (113) Jumping (97)


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