Born 1998
Dark Bay
170 cm
Ln 321210134098


Price: $2625 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Cor de la Bryere
Calypso 11 Tabelle
Sire: Contender
Gofine Ramiro
Rasputin Marion
Dam: Ofarim
Holle Tin Rod xx

Conteur is by the mighty Contender who has well and truly established himself as a stallion of high regard. Contender won the 1987 Adelheidsdorf stallion performance test and was declared 1-b main premium vice-champion in Oldenburg as a result of his excellent first batch of foals. He established himself as a procreator of sports horse very early. Currently he has 55 approved sons, and premiumed daughters number 56 to date. He continued his stud career as a constant purveyor of top quality horses of both disciplines for the Holstein elite auctions. The FN breeding value rating has listed him as one of the most versatile top class hereditry transmitters of Germany for years now. He has countless excellent showjumpers. There is hardly a German breed that has not profited the prepotency of this magnificent stallion. The dam Ofarim has presented two licensed sons, the other being Caballo, also by Contender, and she is the dam of Bravo, dam of Contendro. She is also in the pedigree of Cranach, below. She is the daughter of the successful competition sports horse Rasputin, who is closely inbred to the foundation sire Ramzes AA and was particularly versatile in his heredity. Ramzes AA appears a total of four times in the pedigree of this impressive up and coming young stallion. This bloodline produced the sports horses Retina, Athlet 90, Corlando and Athletico.

Conteur was premium stallion of the 2000 Holstein approval and won the 30 day test in Adelheidsdorf in 2001. He absolved the 70 day test in Adelheidsdorf as vice-champion.He scored 8s for character, temperament, willingness to perform and conformation. He was given the most remarkable scores of 9 for trot and canter, and 10 for walk and rideability. For natural jumping he gained 7and for free jumping 6.67. Clearly this is a stallion with tremendous dressage potential who placed first in the dressage criteria of his test and has a very solid pedigree which boasts of tremendous jumping genes as well. Meanwhile Conteur has had successes in riding horse tests and was a placed finalist at the federal championship of 3 yo stallions in 2001. In 2002 he once again participated in the Federal Championship, attaining fourth place in the finals of the four year old stallions with Eckhard Wrede. Conteur covered at the Tannenhof stud farm in 2001 and since 2002 has been an active stallion at Celle. He presented the champion filly of the Reichelsheim/Oldenwald horse show, and there are a number of show winners and gold medal foals in Holstein and Rhineland, and he was sire of the runner-up foal in the filly category at the Tannenhof Championship of 2002. Conteur has 7 licensed sons, 42 state premium mares, and 67 auction horses.

HLP 2001: 131.72/2/38; DI 149.25/1/; SI 90.99/25
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse (108) Highest achievement (111) Jumping Young horse (117)  Highest achievement (90) Riding type (103) Conformation (58) Dressage (100) Jumping (122)

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