Born 2014

168 cm

Dark Bay


Price: See below
Stud: Deckstation Paul Schockemoehle


 Cachas  Pericula
Sire:  Cachassini
 Varese  Cassini 1
 Corrado 1
 Coriano  Option
Dam:  A-Cosmopolita
 Tina X!V  Con Air

Price 3 inseminations of semen $1224 & Agents Fee $340 & GST = Total $1720

The all-rounder with that special something!

Classino was premium stallion of the 2016 Holstein licensing, where he proved himself as a real “all-rounder”. Brilliant type, flawless conformation, elegant lines and the highest performance standards are uniquely intertwined here. A dynamic and uphill canter, a loose trot with fabulous transmission, and a diligent walk with ground cover. When jumping, this young stallion is a natural phenomenon: Outstanding manner, sparkling clean technique with fast reflexes and a lot of scope characterise this youngster as something very special.

His sire Cachassini was premium stallion of the 2011 Holstein licensing and characterise this stallion as a dressage and show-jumping talent. Cachassini was champion of sport horse competitions, highly placed in dressage competitions and victorious in show-jumping classes up to M level. His dam A-Cosmopolitan descends from the proven Coriano, who celebrated international show-jumping success with Judy-Ann-Melchior. His grand-dam Tina XIV produced, with Clarimo, the licensed stallion Clear Air, who was 2015 show-jumping champion at the traditional Dobrock competition and subsequently sold at the PSI auction.

The high nobility of Classino is explained by the nine-fold inbreeding of the influential line founder Cor de la Bryère and further on, the thoroughbred Ladykiller xx appears five times in the pedigree and the legendary Anglo-Arab Ramzes AA 18 times. Classino represents the Holstein line 4761, that has also produced the licensed stallions Cassgraf C (ESP), Couleur Latour (FRA), Lester Pigott (privately owned Bav.), Rosizky (privately owned Westph.) and Sandro Man de L (privately owned Bad.-Wttbg.).

Classino’s sensational free-jumping made him the darling of the public in the Holstenhalle


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