Born 2009
173 cm

Ln 431317209609

WFFS neg

Price: $4440 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Voltaire Hann
Now or Never M NL Imke NL
Sire: Valentino KWPN
Patricia KWPN Belisar NL
Wrinza NL
Acord 11 Holst
Acorado Holst Doreen X111 Holst
 Dam: Alexis Hann
Inga St pr Hann Imperator Ausl
Walena Hann

The Valentino-Acorado son, Viscount, finished the 2011 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing as the most expensive jumping stallion, and secured himself a stall at the Niedersächsischen Landegestüt Celle. The applause and elation of the audience validated the impressive knock down price of 270,000 Euro. During the licensing the jet black stallion was immediately convincing on the triangle with his outstanding conformation, a very good striding walk, and an excellent swinging trot full of impulsion. The beautifully typed stallion set himself apart from the rest even more with a consistently uphill canter, tremendous ability, and an excellent style over the jump and he catapulted himself into being one of the favorites of the Niedersachsen hall. He clearly also showed his flawless character. The Breeding Evaluation Committee agreed with the audience, and named Viscount a Premium stallion.
Viscount’s grandsire, Now or Never M has been ranked in the top 10% of the FN Breeding Value Index for the past few years, and ranked right up there with him is his son and Viscount’s sire, Valentino, who was given an outstanding index of 158/88% in 2012. Now or Never was stationed in 2003 at the State Stud Celle in order to bring the valuable genes of the Hanoverian sire, Voltaire, who left to found a stallion line in the Netherlands, back to Hanover. As the Licensing Champion in the Netherlands, Now or Never had the advantage of producing several sons who achieved excellent performance results and this laid the foundation for Now or Never’s high breeding value index. Confirming the index even further have been the results of the mare performance tests of his daughters, and the achievements in sport of offspring such as Voltaire (KWPN) who was already internationally successful at the age of eight.
Now or Never’s son, Valentino, follows in the footsteps of his sire standing at stud in Celle. He won the jumping division of his 2005 Stallion Performance Test with an incredible scores of 9.6 for jumping ability and noteworthy 9’s for temperament and willingness, and he is now successfully competing at the advanced S-level under Karen Biermann. The Landegestüt looks forward to placing Viscount, the most complete stallion of the 2011 Licensing with superior gaits and a convincing style paired with extraordinary ability, at the disposal of their breeders.
At his 70 day performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 2012 Viscount was given 138 for jumping and 126 for dressage. This stallion was scored at 9 for character, 8.63 for rideability, 8.67 for jumping, 8 for trot, 8.5 for canter, 7.5 walk, and 9.25 for cross country. Here is a magnificent dual purpose stallion that shows a wonderful character and rideability. A gem!
HLP 2012: Dressage 126 and Jumping138

He has 3 licensed sons, 27 state premium mares and 63 auction horses.

Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young Horse (115) Highest level achieved (102) Jumping Young Horse (126) Highest level achieved (97) Riding Type (119) Conformation (81) Dressage (93) Jumping (123)


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