San Brazil

Born 1997
169 cm
Ln 331318516097

Price: $2175 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Sacramento Song
Sandro Duerte
Sire: Sao Paulo
Gibsy Gepard
Argentinus Dorle
 Dam: Anabell
Betsey Bariton

Sire Sao Paulo is a very popular sire and represents one of the most significant mare lines of the Hanover breeding region. The dam, state premium mare Anabell, was highly premiumed at mare shows and district livestock shows numerous times. Her sire Argentinus, a successful advanced class show jumper, distinguished himself as a versatile hereditary transmitter of the very highest class from early on. He was the main premium champion stallion in Oldenburg in 1984. His progeny are omnipresent, whether it is at mare shows, stallion approvals, in the dressage or show jumping sport or at federal championships, they are represented in all fields of equestrian sport. The grandam Betsey is the full sister of the NRW procreator of show jumpers Barring, who was the Rhenic approvals winner in his day. Bariton and Ehrensold in the third and fourth generations are famous sires of the Westphalian breed.

San Brasil is of great nobility. He is a large-framed riding horse type with excellent conformation as well as unlimited show jumping ability. He is a very athletic stallion and at the stallion licensing in 1999 he was awarded the ‘best show jumping stallion’ of his year. He confirmed this award and all other high expectations of him at his performance test in 2000. San Brasil has very good mental qualities and a high rideability which led towards placing him in second place in jumping. He is powerful and well-muscled. Like the winner of the performance test Le Primeur, the very elastic San Brasil is also a product of the Hanoverian breeding programme for show jumpers (PHS).

At his performance test San Brasil scored 8 for character, 9 for temperament, 9 for trainability, 8 for conformation, 9.67 for free jumping, 9.22 for show jumping, 9 for natural jumping ability, 7.67 for rideability, 6.67 for walk, 7.67 for trot, 7.84 for canter and 8.33 for cross country. A number of foals gained admittance to the Hanoverian foal auctions. He has 1 licensed son, 4 state premium mares, 15 auction horses and winning sum of progeny is Euro 26,931.00.

HLP 2000: 130.41/3/45; DI 120.12/8; SI 137.9/2
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage (95) Jumping (128)
Riding type (75) Conformation (77) Dressage (69) Jumping (156)


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