Born 1993
169 cm

Hol  WFFS Neg

Price: $1280 GST incl per insemination
Stud: Hof Sosath – Germany. There are a number of other stallions available from Hof Sosath, so if interested let us know by the end of July please.


Ladykiller xx
Lord Viola
Sire: Landos
Uta V Calypso 1
Alme Z
Ahorn Z Heureka Z
Dam: Ashley
Sofia Calypso 1

Lordanos is an amazing foundation sire. His successful offspring drew attention to this great stallion. In 2013, Lordanos was named the top jumper’s sire in the United States by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

Lordanos’ career began by winning nearly 40 competitions for young jumpers. He was successful in 1.40 m and 1.50 m classes for incredible eleven years. He was more than ten years successful as the “family horse” because he has won big classes with all three riding Sosaths – Janne, Gerd and Hendrik. He and Janne Sosath-Hahn competed in a puissance class, successfully clearing a wall 2 meters high.

Lordanos has an unparalleled character, extraordinary ridability and is an extremely talented show jumper. He has produced a very large number of incredibly successful offspring and he is regarded as one of the greatest sires in the world. After his long sports career, Lordanos retired at the age of 18 and is now enjoying his retirement at our barn.

Lordanos is a descendent of the famous and high profiled “Ramiro line” 776 and a guarantee for maximal inheritance of performance and talent. The sire of Lordanos is Landos, one of the sons of the impressive stallion Lord. On Landos’ dam side there is the very interesting blood of Calypso I and Capitano. The dam sire Ahorn Z comes from the international show jumpers Almé Z and Heureka Z and has produced many top show jumping horses. In the third generation there is the bloodline of Calypso I, who is the sire of some of the world’s top dressage and show jumping horses. The blood of the top stallion Cottage Son xx is also very dominant in Lordanos’ pedigree.

Lordanos’ sire, Landos, and his dam, Ashley, both come from the Holstein dam line 776. This line produced top sport horses and the stallions Calvados I and II, Cortino I and II, Captain Incipit, Lord Incipit, Lauritz J, Rossini, Toledo and the famous and important sire Ramiro. Also our former stallion Levisonn is out of the dam line 776.

Breeding Value Scores (Han) Dressage Young horse (94) Competition (91) Own achievement (71) Jumping Young horse (128) Competition (134) Own achievement (123) Riding Type (109) Conformation (109) Dressage (82) Jumping (138)


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