Born 2005
173 cm
Ln 421000245305

Price: $2900 3 ins for max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Cor de la Bryere
Calypso 11 Tabelle
Sire: Contender
Gofine Ramiro
Landgraf 1
Lascadell Mairike
Dam: Pia R
Lara XIII Carthago
Finetta 1

Cloney presents himself with predominant jumping ability as shown during his performance tests and is also reflected in his pedigree: Contender – Lascadell – Carthago, who are outstanding progenitors. Cloney is very balanced in his canter and has a careful and powerful jump technique with a supple take off, and excellent bascule. All of the judges gave him 9s and 10s for his jumping ability. Also the feeling in the saddle was impressive for the extraneous rider and he was given high scores. Therefore Cloney won the jumping section of the performance test with 129.62 points. He is going to be part of the Hanoverian Jumping Horse Program under Karen Beermann.

Contender, Cloney’s sire, began his breeding career in Oldenburg and continued in Holstein. He distinguished himself by siring highly esteemed elite horses for breeding and sport and continuously produces horses for both disciplines. He is one of the most valuable and versatile sires in Germany. Among the best Contender off-spring successful in Grand Prix are Checkmate with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Constantin with Marcus Beerbaum, who won the Grand Prix of Hachenburg and Aachen. In 2006 Contender’s sons at the licensing in Neumunster managed a special feat: with 5 licensed sons he once again proved his exceptional position in the Holstein breeding programe. There is no breeding area in Germany that does not profit from the hereditary power of this top sire.

Individual scores at performance test: 8 character and temperament, 6.84 trot, 7.42 canter, 6.34 walk, 6.67 rideability, 9.75 free jumping, 9.25 show jumping, and 7.67 for cross country.
He has one licensed son, 4 state premium mares, and 11 auction horses.
HLP 2008: 114.96/ 6/38 ; DI 99.53/10 ; SI 129.62/1

Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse (100) Jumping Young horse (142) Highest level achieved (118)
Riding Type (98) Conformation (105) Dressage (93) Jumping (139)


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