Feitse 293

Born 1983

Price: $2700 GST Incl.
Stud: Hengstenhouderij Toonen – Holland


Tetman 205
Mark 232 Cevia 4814
Sire: Jochem 239
Ottsje 5340 ster pref Gerke 220
Nachtegaal 3932 ster pref
Gerke 220
Bjinse 241 Pinksterblom 5342 ster
Dam: Lysebet 6199 ster pref
Ankje 4649 model pref Noldus 198
Esoca 2683

Feitse 293 was bought by Hengstenhouderij Toonen in 1999. In 1987 he was offered for the thumping testing, and he presented himself with excellence and was designated for the verrichtingsonderzoek in Ermelo. He was given a very high appraisal and registration in the Friesian studbook. He was given 8 for walk, trot 8, 8 for canter, 7.5 willingness, 9 character, 9 stable behaviour, 9 trainability. In 2000 he was given the preferent status.

He has 6 approved sons so far, Rypke 321, Tsjerk 328, Fetse 349, Folkert 353 (champion sutd testing 1999 and 2000) and Feike 395 and Ait 410. Rypke, Tsjerk, Fetse and Folkert have all been approved as sires. And Feitse has proven himself through his sons.

From his daughters, many have been given the ‘ster’ predicate (44%) and 12 even became ‘model’. In 1992 under strict judging Feitse gained the largest number of ‘Astre’. From 1.1.13 he has 29 Pref mares and 2 Prest.

Feitse’s progeny have superior movement and conformation and have proven themselves exceptionally well in sport.



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