Born 1999
173 cm
Ln 331312315599

Price: $2175 GST Included
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Eiger I
Espri Diplomatin
Sire: Escudo I
Athene Arkansas
Lanthan Sturmdirndl
Dam: Ladina
Artrix Aragon

Once again a son of Escudo 1 wins his performance test. Earl, a big impressive black stallion, convinced in all criteria of the test, especially the rideability and his willingness to work, which needs to be greatly emphasized. (See information on Escudo 1 and Lanthan, Earl’s damsire under their sections.)

Earl absolved his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 2002 as the winner, receiving excellent scores in all parts of the index. Earl gained 8’s for character, temperament and conformation and 9’s for willingness to perform, trot and walk and rideability. For canter he got an 8, also an 8 for natural jumping ability and free jumping. He gained second place in the dressage criteria and third in the jumping criteria which made him first overall out of 50 stallions in his year. Earl is truly a quality young stallion with potential to burn for both disciplines which is reflected in his outstanding pedigree and breeding value scores. Meanwhile he has won multiple showjumper tests up to medium level. Earl was included in the Hanoverian Showjumper Breeding Programme, and due to his way above-average movements, he will also be shown in the dressage sport in future. zin 2003 Earl went into service at the insemination station Stader Geest in Bargstedt, where he presented first foal crop in 2004 which received a lot of attention. Several of his progeny were admitted to the Verden foal auctions. He has 1 licensed son, 30 auction horses, and 18 state premium mares.

HLP 2002: 143.93/1/50; DI 139.93/2 ; SI 127.55/ 3
Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse(105) Competition (106) Jumping Young horse  (109) Competition (115) Riding Type (102) Conformation (88) Dressage (65) Jumping (111)


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