Don Presidente

Born 2005
167 cm

Ln 431316002305

Price: $2220 for 3 ins for max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Donnerhall Ninette
Sire: Dauphin
St Pr Fabia Feiner Stern
Fabriano Agmara
Dam: St Pr Floria Tosca
St Pr Auguste Augustinus

Don Presidente has a big frame, long legs, and an expressive presence. He is bred out of one of the most reliable mare lines from Hanover. He has the bloodlines of Argentinus through this mother line and has had great influence in Hanoverian breeding. Dam, Floria Tosca, was the leading mare of 45 mares shown at the mare performance test at Kochingen and she was awarded the “Best Mare of the Show” in Konigslutter am Elm. Out of this mare line comes Fabuleux, a stallion standing in the US, and La Rhania by Londondery ridden by Isabell Werths. Also Felix under Heike Crome-Sperling comes from this family. Dauphin, sire of Don Presidente, also stands at the State Stud Celle. Dauphin is an elegant black stallion with three excellent basic gaits with the valuable genes of Donnerhall-Feiner Stern-Freiherr-Furioso, who all made a tremendous impact on performance horse breeding. Dauphin has an impressive breeding index for dressage and high conformation improvement in his foals.

Individual scores for Don Presidente at performance test: 8 character and temperament, 9 trot, 8.59 canter, 8.5 walk, 8.34 rideability, 6.67 freejumping, 6.25 show jumping and 7.17 cross country. He came second in the dressage phase of the performance test.

HLP 2008: 118.23/ 5 / 38 ; DI 135.32/2 ; SI 92.62/13





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