Born 2005
170 cm

WFFS neg

Price: See Below
Stud: Deckstation Paul Schockemohle


Grand Veneur
Le Tot de Semilly Venue Du Tot
Sire: Diamant de Semilly
Venise D.Cres Elf 111
Miss D.Cresl.
Cor de la Byere
Corrado 1 Soleil
 Dam: Roxette 1
Kimberly 111 Contender

Price per 3 inseminations $2907 & Agents Fee $413 & GST = Total $3652.

Founder of a new line for international show jumping breeding 

Going for gold from the very start: Diarado was champion of the Holstein licensing in 2007 and with numerous marks between 9 and 10, was the undisputed champion of his stallion performance test in 2008. He impresses with exemplary ease at the jump, with superior scope, a willingness to perform that is second to none, manoeuvrability and intelligence, attributes that are necessary for today’s technical courses. These qualities also characterise his offspring, who are currently starting to conquer the international competition arenas. Diarado won several show jumping classes; in 2010 he won the qualifier at the Bundeschampionship with a mark of 9.3 and in the final, he won the Bronze medal (with two marks of 9.0). Since then, he has been regularly highly placed at advanced level/S and came third in the Grand Prix (S***) at the traditional Dobrock competition. His offspring are clearly marked by their father: Pleasing with their striking type, easy to ride, strong movement and with a lot of scope. This is why they are much sought-after at numerous auctions and always well placed in sport: this includes the German national champion 2017, Diaron and regional champion 2017, Diavoltan, as well as many champion and premium stallions, including Eldorado de Hus, stallion performance test winner Diacontinus, the Holstein stallion Dinken, who was regional champion in 2016 in Elmshorn, De Quidam who was OS stallion champion and the main premium winner Diarado’s Boy. Jurwina was the OS champion mare in the Rastede Schlosspark. A striking number of his offspring qualified for the German national championships and were highly placed finalists. 25 of them have won and been placed at S level. In 2013, Diarado was number 1 of the FN show jumping breeding value estimation and since then, he has safely maintained his position in the top group.

Diarado is also placed above average in the dressage breeding value estimation. His sire Diamant de Semilly is one of the best show jumping sires worldwide and with Dicapo in 2011 and Diamant de Quidam in 2015, has produced two Champion Stallions at the OS-licensing, as well as other licensed sons who currently receive much attention. He won the team Gold Medal with Eric Levallois at the World Equestrian Games 2002 and a year later, the team Silver Medal at the European Championships. He was awarded the title ´Best Sire of Young Horses` in France a number of times. He is currently ranked second in the WBFSH world ranking of the best show jumping sires. Combined in his dam´s pedigree are Corrado I, Contender, Lord and Ramiro, four absolutely top sires in one line. Corrado I alone, Contender, Lord and Ramiro, four absolutely top sires in one line. Corrado I alone, internationally successful with Franke Sloothaak, has a progeny lifetime earnings sum of 4 million euros. Contender’s record is at almost 11 million. Diarado stems from the Holstein dam line 318 d 2, from which come more than 50 licensed stallions, among them Corofino I and II, Coriano, Crawford, Chello I-III, the licensing champion Camiros and a multitude of international sport horses.

Diarado: top for breeding and in sport!                   

HLP 2008 70 day test Schlieckau. 150.57/1 39 Dressage 138.42/2, Jumping 144.01/1

Breeding Value Scores: Dressage Young horse (110) Dressage Competition (128) Jumping Young horse (146) Competition (129) Riding Type (90) Conformation (107) Dressage (72) Jumping (135)




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