Born 1991
170 cm
Ln 373732121791

Price: $2960 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Tornado 1
ingo Ikone
Sire: Indigo
Katja Kadett
Cor de la Bryere
Caletto 1 Deka
Dam: Coco Chanell
Murina Furioso 11

Iberio’s sire Indigo is one of the most prominent sires of Baden-Württemberg state horse breeding with the special honour of ‘elite’ stallion. He combines the noblest of Trakehner bloodlines on his sire’s side of the pedigree with the best of Holstein performance blood on the dam’s side. His dam Coco Chanell resulted from the first covering year of today’s star stallion Caletto I. Coco Chanell, who had placements in intermediate (M) class showjumping, also gave birth to Iberio’s sister, the victorious intermediate (M) class showjumper Iberia CH. The grandam Murina also produced the two intermediate class showjumpers La Badita (by Aldato) and Lombarico (by Lombard), as well as their approved full brother Landwind. Murina is a daughter of the great Anglo-Norman Furioso II, who decisively influenced modern Oldenburg sports horse breeding. The great-grandam Rubina was mated with Furioso II and produced the intermediate showjumper Phoenix. The grey stallion Rubin, who was bred in Poland from Rumian, appears in the fourth generation. Rumian was a paternal half brother of the great Ramzes x, who established stallion dynasties in Holstein and Westphalia.

Iberio was approved in Marbach in 1993. Following this, he won the stallion performance test with a significant lead at the same site in 1994. He was awarded the dream score of 10.0 three times, for performance ability, predisposition for showjumping and in the extraneous rider’s test, which ranked him close to 20 points ahead of the second placed competitor in the partial index for jumping. He moreover attained second place in the rideability index, out of a test lot of 27 horses.
Iberio then went on to begin a very successful career in the showjumping sport, winning numerous advanced (S) showjumping events and later on, also proved to be a derby specialist. Ridden by Sören von Rönne, Iberio came second in the 2001 German Showjumping Derby, won the Derby in 2002, and came eleventh and eighth respectively, on the world’s most difficult course in 2003 and 2004.

Iberio’s progeny display the anticipated predisposition for showjumping and have already had successes up to intermediate (M) class. His son Ideal attained fourth place at the Federal Championship of six-year-old dressage horses under Dr. Ulf Möller in 2004. He has one licensed son, 14 state premium mares, 25 auction horses.

HLP 1994: 139.80/1/28; DI 135.55/2; SI 141.78/1
Breeding Values: Dressage Young horse (107) Competition (100) Jumping Young horse (125) Competition (103) Riding Type (65) Conformation (76) Dressage (84) Jumping (125)







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