Harmen 424

Born 2002

Price: $2800 GST Incl.
Stud: Hengstenhouderij Toonen – Holland


Hearke 254 Pref
Gerlof 294 Hendrina ster
Sire: Teunis 332
Gertruda ster pref Lammert 260
Waltrude ster
Wessel 237 pref
Oege pref Wieske ster pref
Dam: Jildau ster pref
Pierkje ster pref Hearke 254 pref
Carolien ster


Winner Hengstenkeuring 2013 12 years old. Champion Hengstkeuring 2013. Dutch Champion Carriage Driving 2009.

Harmen is a very trustworthy stallion with a very good mind and temperament. He is also very keen and willing with his work. In the stable he is quiet, honest and likes being with people. His walk has great length with good knee movement, and his trot is long and well placed. He moves well with his hind legs with good bend and movement with the hocks. The front legs have very good lift but perhaps could have more extension. The canter is of good length.

In the carriage Harmen has great presence and shows a lot of forehand movement. In the trot his gait is high and has good length. The hind legs are placed well under the body. Harmen has much action in the forelegs. He has very strong ‘zweefmoment’; his high movement hardly touches the ground. Harmen’s rideabilty is very good. He gives his rider a very good feeling. As a riding horse he has much ability, but in the carriage he has very much ability.

Harmen was accepted in 2006 into the studbook.. He gained 6.3 for walk, trot 7.7, canter 7.2, transition 7.2, rideability 7.3, driving 8.0, and show driving 8.8. Total 86.5 points.

In 2007 at the Hengstkorung in Leeuwarden, Harmen 242 was Res Champion behind Onne. Both stallions were carved from the same mould; beautifully built, with great presence and very strong in movement.
He has 49% ster mares. I Kroon and 13 stallions. (1.1.13)


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