Born 2013

Dark Chestnut

175 cm

WFFS neg

Price: $2960 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle


 Florestan 1
 Florencio 1  Walessa
Sire:  Floriscount
 Arkona  Donnerhall
 Don Schufro  Fiesta
Dam:  Donna Rubina
 Feine  Rubinstein 1

With a dressage index final score of 8.96, the charming dark chestnut confirmed all expectations. Cheered at the Verden Hengstmarkt in 2015 due to its three above-average basic gaits and strong performance on the lunge, high expectations were set in Finnigan. 10,0 for his unique character and his temperament, 9.5 for his enormous rideability and 9.0 for his trot and his step leave nothing to be desired! With this scale of high scores, Finnigan clearly set the pace of the dressage index14-day test 2016. Genetically highly secured is Finnigan no less than the Sires Floriscount, Don Schufro and Rubinstein I.
Several successive Grand Prix offspring from the Nada’s progeny, including Wilander Star by Wanderkönig, Wasco von Walt Disney and Lucrosus von Lemon xx, have also been successful. At his performance test he was given 9 trot, 8.5 canter, 9 walk, rideability 9.5, free jump 6.5, outside rider 9.25, character/temperament 10, and willingness 9.

Finnigan is a movement artist for high-end sports!

Breeding Index Values: Dressage Young horse (127) Riding type (99) Conformation (106) Dressage (106) Jumping (79)

HLP 2016: (14 day test) Dressage 8.96, Jumping 7.23, Overall 8.35


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