A Jungle Prince

Born 1987
167 CM
Han Ln 331310738687
Price: $1800 gst incl.  3 inseminations, $600 1 insemination
Stud: Hengststation Pape – Germany


Argentan 1 Worms
Sire: Argentinus
Dorle Duden 11
Pik As xx
Pik Konig Anina
Dam: Panja B
Domliste Domimus

Sire Argentinus, himself a successful advanced show jumper, was able to establish himself from early on as a prolific and versatile sire of the very highest grade. He was top premium champion stallion in Oldenburg in 1984. His offspring can be found everywhere; at mare shows, in dressage and show jumping and at federal championships. His current most prominent progeny are undoubtedly the approved Azarro and Autogramm 1 and the former federal champion Amaretto 50 with Isabelle Werth in the Grand Prix dressage arena. The dam, state premium mare Panja, derives from Pik Konig, who not only produced exceptionally good show jumpers but also quality sires like Pik Bube 1 and Pik Bube 11, Picard et.al. The grandam Domliste, mated with Goldstein brought forth Gondola, Dobrock Show champion as well as an approved son. Three descendants of Domliste were furthermore successful in advanced show jumping.

A Jungle Prince absolved the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1990 with equally positive scores in each section of the index. Following wins in junior competitions, he was champion of the 1993 Federal Championships of the German Dressage Horses in Mannheim. He has participated in advanced class dressage up to international level since 1994, with many wins of late. He has also had placements in the Grand Prix Special.

A Jungle Prince presented the champion filly as well as the champion colt at the Pape stud foal presentation. In 1998 two candidates from his first crop were admitted to the Oldenburg stallion approvals at the Weser-Ems Hall, where one of them was awarded the prized approved status. He stands out through the high quality of his offspring. Offspring earnings in both jumping and dressage. He has 2 licensed sons, 22 state premium mares, 74 main stud book mares, and 12 auction horses.

HLP 1990: 114.32/15/70; DI 116.86/13; SI 109.04/20
Breeding Values:Dressage (120) Jumping (110)
Riding type (110) Conformation(119)
Dressage (109) Jumping (109)

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