Zafferano 1325

Born 2013


168 cm

SWB 04131895    1325


Price: $1375 GST incl per insemin.
Stud: Verbena Dressage – Sweden


 Blue Hors Zack  Orona
Sire: Zaladin MI
Labial MI Solos Landtinus
 Sabrina Solhoj
 Napoleon 625
 Bernstein  Bristol Cream 13548
Dam: Baby Doll SWB
 C’est si Bonne SWB  Chagall 455
 Ikea 8630



Approved: SWB och Oldenburg
With his spectacular golden coat and outstanding temperament combined with brilliant and well balanced gaits, Zafferano is undoubtedly one of the most exciting young stallions to come out of Sweden.

Bred with performance in mind, Zafferano always displays his outstanding temperament along with charming charisma, personality, brilliant gaits, exceptional rideability and handleability.

At his 50-day test 2016 in Schlieckau, Germany, Zafferano distinguished himself and impressed test riders with his exceptional rideability, willingness to work and easy trainability. He was assessed as the 3rd highest asserted stallion in Schlieckau and was awarded a 10 for his temperament, 9.75 for interior, 9.5 for willingness to work, and 9 for rideability! For his jumping ability he scored an 8!

With his total score of 8,4 he was ranked second best stallion amongst all 3 year olds in all of the 50-days tests throughout Germany in 2016.

At his Swedish test, 2016, Zafferano was the only 3-year-old approved. There, he was praised for his excellent temperament, high rideability, good gaits and correct exterior. The Swedish stallion evaluation committee stated, ”Zafferano will contribute to well-proportioned offspring with correct leg position and foundation. In performance he can help with light-footedness, elasticity of gaits, a good temperament, rideability, and willingness to cooperate.”



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