Born 2016
171 cm
Ln 431319619516


Price: $1233 for 1 ins max 1 pregnancy
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Ampere Larivola
Sire: Franklin
Warkle M  Prok Ster Ferro
Sparkle M
Ehrentanz Fantasie
Dam: Evita St Pr
Farina St Pr Florestan
Nora Verb Pr St







Fusionist is the stallion, who not only embodies our cooperation with the State Stud Celle and fills it with life, but also perfectly represents what we are all about in modern dressage horse breeding.

This compact but maximally upwardly constructed stallion has been able to convince and win over many breeders at his first appearances under the saddle. It impresses with its stability in the top line and its almost unshakable beat. Its dynamism and mobility in the hind leg is probably the “measure of all things” in this field at the moment and can be described as extraordinary. His nature impresses with overview and fearlessness.

His blood build-up via the foal maker Franklin, known throughout Europe, and the exceptional sire Evita von Ehrentanz–Florestan –Newcastle xx make him the top mating recommendation for mares from the classic, very widespread dressage lines. Father Franklin provides with Fendi (Sönke Rothenberger) one of the most spectacular and talented Grand Prix young horses worldwide. Evita’s heredity performance is excellent without compromise. She has already provided three licensed sons, five state premium mares and multiple Bundeschampionat finalists.

Fusionist’s grandmother was the Westphalian winning mare Florenciana. Our world champion Scara Boa from Scolari also comes from this tribe of the eponym Aslaug. His foal years are of great uniformity and very much influenced by their father.

HLP: Schlieckau 2019, 14 day test. Dressage 8.54, character 8.25, Trot 9, canter 9, walk 7.5, rideabilty 8.5

Fusionist gewinnt die Sportprüfung der 4-jährigen Dressurhengste in Verden mit 8,88 ??!Liebe Greta, VIELEN DANK für deine großartige Arbeit und diese wundervollen Worte ❤️!

Posted by Niedersächsisches Landgestüt Celle on Monday, 9 March 2020




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