Wylster 463

166 cm

Price: See Below
Stud: Stal Henswoude – Holland


Reitse 272
Brandus 345 Hoogheid
Sire: Rindert 406
Elske Jochem 259
Feitse 293
Rypke 321 Elsbet ut de Mieden
Dam: Jeldau fan ‘e Wigeri Model Pref
Welmoed fan ‘e Wigeri Lute 304
Fouke fan ‘e Wigeri


Price One Insemination $680 Pregnancy price $1365 at 45 days.

Judge’s Notes
Trueness to breed:
Wylster is a stallion displaying good trueness to breed. His head has more than enough
expression. His neck exhibits a lot of length and its placement is sufficiently vertical. This
stallion has very thick mane, tail and fetlock hair.
Wylster is a generously developed, with a somewhat uphill body direction. His forelegs
display sufficient length and his shoulders display more than enough length but are somewhat
steep. His back is somewhat long and somewhat concave. His croup has a good length but is
somewhat sloping.
The hind legs display a correct stance. The legs look somewhat heavy but have more than
enough quality. The hooves are large and well shaped.

Estimated breeding value in regard to conformation:
Reliability (%) 44, Trueness to breed 103, Frame 104, Legs 100, Walk 100, Trot 102.

Estimated breeding value for height at the withers: 105

Performance testing:
Training report:
Wylster fan é Wigeri is a playful, friendly stallion. Upon arrival, the stallion appeared not fully trained. Wylster has difficulty with tensing in the upper line and is sometimes somewhat variable in regard to working through. This improved very much over the course of testing. His movement displays extension and action but could be more collected. His fine disposition gives his trainer a good feeling.

The walk is more than sufficiently active and very accurate but sometimes a little hurried, so that the steps are not always completely finished.
The length of stride at the trot is more than sufficiently extended. The hind legs are sufficiently active but could be placed farther beneath the body. Still the hind legs are more than sufficiently powerful, and the stallion has the ability to make changes of lead. The stallion also displays agility. The forelegs are placed well to the front.

The canter displays more than enough spring. The stallion has some difficulty with maintaining the canter. The canter displays more than enough upward movement. The stallion should allow his body to relax more at the canter. This improved as the testing advanced.

Suitability as a mount: Over the course of training Wylster showed very positive development as a mount. The quality of his basic gaits is satisfactory to more than satisfactory. The length of stride at the walk could be more extended, and the hind legs could be placed farther under the body. Still the hind legs are sufficiently active. His ease of handling, willingness to work and good responses to the aids can be mentioned as positive aspects. His potential as a mount is thus satisfactory to more than satisfactory.

Suitability as a harness horse:
In harness, Wylster is a stallion with a beautiful front and more than sufficient carriage. His forelegs are extended far to the front and with more than enough action. His hind legs display sufficient action but could be placed farther under his body. Even so, he displays a more than sufficient moment of suspension. In harness, Wylster has a good disposition and displays a lot of enthusiasm.

Points earned in riding test:
Walk 6.5, Trot 7.5, Canter 6.5, Stance 7, Carriage , Agility Transitions 6.5, Suitability 7, Total Score 75.5
Points earned in driving test:
Walk, Trot 7.5,Stance 7.5, Carriage, Agility Transitions 7, Enthusiasm 8, Suitability 7.5, Total Score 80.
Points earned in show cart test:
Carriage 7, Use of forelegs 8.5, Use of hind legs 6.5, Moment of suspension 7.5 Enthusiasm 8, Suitability 7.5 Total Score 82.5.
Conclusion drawn from performance testing:
Wylster showed positive development as a mount during the performance testing and has thus shown satisfactory to more than satisfactory potential in this regard. He has particularly good potential for the harness disciplines, especially as a show cart horse. His disposition and ease of handling were very highly rated.
Final conclusion:
Wylster fan ‘e Wigêri is a stallion with a more than satisfactory conformation and a strong pedigree. He displayed good potential as a utility horse, particularly in the harness disciplines. Wylster will thus be registered in the studbook register for stallions under the name Wylster 463.

Recommendation for use as stud:
Wylster 463 can make a positive contribution particularly for breeding show cart horses, and especially for improving the use of the forelegs. Wylster could best be used for breeding with mares that exhibit a long length of stride at the walk and have sufficiently active hind legs.


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