Wimer 461

164 cm

Price: See Below
Stud: Stal Henswoude – Holland


Feitse 293
Tsjerk 328 Wijkje
Sire: Hinne 427
Anke Falke 291
Leffert 306
Heinse 354 Ljutske
Dam: Adellyke
Ruurdtsje Tjimme 275


Price One Insemination $680 Pregnancy price $1365 at 45 days.

Wimer 461 was sired by Hinne 427 during his first year at stud out of a star mare sired by Heinse 354. The stallion’s grand-dam is a star preferent mare sired by Tjimme 275. Wimer exhibits correct conformation and more than enough trueness to breed. Both in harness and under the saddle, Wimer displayed a powerful use of his hind legs. This ultimately contributed to a score of more than 80 points in all three disciplines – a score few stallions have matched. Wimer 461 was all round best moving stallion both under saddle and in the carriage in 2010. Wimer is a luxury, appealing stallion who shows a lot of balance and flexibility in his movement. In handling Wimer is very honest, he is easily ridden and will work hard and learn fast. His offspring is luxury, big and with a good movement. Many championships are reached by his first foals.Wimer is competing at Z2 dressage level.

Judges Notes: Former name Winfried.
Trueness to breed:
Winfried displays more than sufficient trueness to breed. His head displays a beautiful expression. His neck has more than sufficient length and its verticality is more than sufficient.
Winfried is a well-proportioned stallion with sufficient length in the forelegs. His shoulders display more than sufficient length and a sloping placement. His upper lines exhibit sufficient strength. The croup has more than sufficient length and a correct placement.
The hind legs display a correct stance. His legs are more than sufficiently dry and hard. The hooves are correctly shaped.
Estimated breeding value in regard to conformation:**
Reliability (%) Trueness to Breed Frame Legs Walk Trot
36 105 107 104 103 106
Estimated breeding value for height at the withers: 102

Performance testing:
Training report:
Winfried is a friendly attentive stallion. Winfried moves easily and displays a great deal of enthusiasm. He experiences work as light and gives his trainer a good feeling.

The walk is active and accurate. When ridden, the stride displays more than enough length. In harness, the stride could display more length.

At the trot, the hind legs are placed well under the body with great impulsion. At the trot, the stallion displays fine balance and good carriage. He could still display a little more ability to increase his strides. The forelegs stretch far to the front.

The canter displays more than sufficient suspension. At the canter, the stallion exhibits enough balance but could display more of an upright movement.

Suitability as a mount:
With the good use of his hind legs, Winfried is a stallion that shows great promise as a mount. He also has good agility and balance. He is a stallion that is very easy to handle, responds well, and thus gives the rider a fine feeling.

Suitability as a harness horse:
Winfried is a good harness horse except that his stride at the walk could exhibit greater length. As a show cart horse, he makes powerful use of his hind legs. When extending his stride, he tends to accelerate the rhythm of his movement somewhat and could do a bit better at keeping his hind legs ‘off the ground’. His forelegs display a lot of action and are placed more than far enough to the front. Winfried has sufficient front and more than sufficient carriage but could still rise more in the front. He exhibits much enthusiasm. Winfried has more than sufficient talent as a harness horse.

Conclusion drawn from performance testing:
Winfried showed positive development in all three disciplines during the performance testing, and his scores of more than 80 points in all three disciplines show him to be a very talented utility horse.

Final conclusion:
Winfried is a stallion with a more than satisfactory conformation and a good pedigree. In the performance testing, he showed a lot of potential in all three disciplines. Winfried will thus be registered in the studbook register for stallions under the name Wimer 461.

Recommendation for use as stud:
Wimer 461 is a stallion that could make a positive contribution to breeding, particularly to the breeding of good utility horses. This stallion can be used in particular for improving the use of the hind legs (and primarily for horses to be used for riding). He can best be used for breeding with mares that have a long length of stride at the walk.


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