Tsjerk 328

Born 1990
162 cm

Price: $2700 GST Incl.
Stud: Hengstenhouderij Toonen – Holland


Mark 232 pref
Jochem 239 Ottsje ster pref
Sire: Feitse 239 pref
Lysebet 6199 ster pref Bjinse
Ankje model pref
Bouke pref
Nanne Hartsje ster
Dam: Wijkje model pref prest
Wietsche ster pref Hylke


Tsjerk is a magnificent stallion with superb conformation and presence. He a honest horse with a lot of quality in his movement which he passes on to his progeny. Tsjerk from the beginning gained first premiums at testings and always fought for the Championship.

The children of Tsjerk also gain many first premiums and championships at testings. He has more than 50% ASTRE mares. He has 10 mares who have achieved ‘model’ status, 14 Pref. and 6 approved sons. (1.1.13)

The mother of Tsjerk is the well-known mare Wijkje (model. Pref and performance mare). She is the mother of the stallion Djurre, and she has many ASTRE mares, and model mares. Of these mare Jelkje (model) and Metsje (model) are most known as they have won lots of championships.


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