Born 1995
168 cm
Ln 331310112695

WFFS neg

Price: $3700 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Romadour 11
Rosenkavalier Diva
Sire: Rubinstein 1
Antine Angelo xx
Argentan Worms
 Dam: Antalia
Paragona Pik Bube

Here is an exceptional stallion by the world famous sire Rubinstein 1. The career of Rubinstein 1 is marked by tremendous highlights. He was runner-up of the stallion performance test, winner of the Optimum of Westphalian Riding Horses in Munster in 1990 and I-a main premium winner in Oldenburg in the same year, as well as being federal vice-champion of 6 year old dressage horses in Verden in 1992. He became a successful international dressage horse with Nicole Uphoff. He is a phenomenal producer of both licensed stallions and mares and dressage horses. His damsire Argentan 1 had the reputation of a phenomenal ‘maker of mares’ in the Hanover breeding region.

At his performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1998 Rotspon came first in the overall placing and first in dressage. He has a character and temperament score of 9. A conformation score of 8, a jumping ability score of 8 and rideability scores of 9 and 10. He has an outstanding walk score of 8, (the average is 6.3) his trot is also very high of 8.33 (against the average of 6.38). His canter score of 9 puts him again well above the average. Rotspon is very elegantly made with a noble black colour with a lot of expression and great appearance. He is big-framed with good riding horse points, a lot of substance and correct conformation. He has high rideability, quality basic gaits and a very good attitude. Besides his extraordinary dressage he also has a good jumping result. Apart from his famous sire, Rubinstein 1 Rotspon also has a great pedigree on his dam side; Argentan by Absatz and Paragona by Pik Bube.

Rotspon has spectacular movement, a beautiful temperament and outstanding ability. He has an incredible rideability as does his foals. His first foals totally met the high expectations of Celle. Numerous foals enriched the Verden foal auctions. His foals have beautiful heads and a good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up neck.) They are equipped with a very elastic trot and a ground covering walk.
In 2009 29 offspring were terrific advertisements for their sire in advanced level dressage tests, one winning the Lower Saxonian Championships for Young Riders, and the Golden Rider’s Badge.
He has 18 licensed sons, 163 state premium mares, 708 main stud book mares, and 239 auction horses. Winning sum of progeny Euro 980,054.00. He is recognized as one of the top dressage sires in Germany.

HLP 1995: 145.67/1/33; DI 148.72/1; SI 118.74/7
Breeding Values: Dressage Young horse (120) Highest level achieved (137) Jumping Young horse (69) Highest level achieved (51) Riding type (86) Conformation (81) Dressage (119) Jumping (79)


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