Born 2005
169 cm
Ln 431311406305

WFFS pos

Price: $2960 for 3 ins for max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Escudo 1 St Pr Haup Athene
Sire: Embassy 1
St Pr Haup Sammy Jo Silvio 1
Haup Callonia
Fabriano Haup Agmara
Dam: St Pr Haup Fabienne
St Pr Haup Schneekoenigin Singular Joter
Haup Seekoenigin

Here is another representative from the Espri line. He has brilliant basic paces and fantastic free-jumping qualities and outstanding rideability according to the extraneous rider at his performance test who gave him 3 times 10 points. This resulted in the highest total index of 140.08 overall. Edward is a stallion with outstanding type and he has a special magic and all round potential. He has inherited his jumping ability through his sire Embassy 1-Escudo 1- Espri, and it is also manifested through the great grandsire’s Singlular Joter-Gotthard-Servus-Steinpilz xx on the damline. On top of this there is the high inherited dressage ability which gave him an overall score of 142.93 at his performance test. See Escudo 1, Espri and Fabriano under their respective sections for further information. Edward has inherited the rideability and the talent for both disciplines that the E-bloodline is known for. His canter is hard to beat in particular. He maintains an active back over the fences and he takes off with a lot of scope. He is true to type with a well-shaped conformation and a harmonious tri-partite division. His personality as regards eagerness to perform, ability to learn and rideability are beyond compare.

Individual scores at performance test: 8 character, 9 temperament, 8.04 trot, 8.68 canter, 7.23 walk, 9 rideability, free jumping 8.03, show jumping 8.25 and cross country 8.33. He has 2 licensed sons, 24 state premium mares, and 21 auction horses.

HLP 2008: 140.08/ H/38 ; DI 142.93/ H ; SI 120.72/ H
Breeding Index Scores: Dressage Young horse  (130) Highest level achieved (106) Jumping Young horse (135) Highest level achieved (113) Riding Type (897 Conformation (98) Dressage (113) Jumping (128)


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