Born 2019
Dark Bay

172 cm


Ln 431310137619

Price: $1233 for 1 ins Max 1 pregnancy
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Brentano 11  Han
Benetton Dream FRH  Han Rotkaeppchen  Han
Sire: Bon Coeur  Han
Sonnenschein St Pr St  Han Sandro Hit  Old
Carla  Han
Carnaby  Hol
Carabas   Hol Abony Star  Hol
Dam: Campera  Han
Amarena  Han Ampere KWPN
Donna-Laura  Han







Maximum elasticity and momentum

Even special lines do not produce special horses every day! The silhouette of this modern premium stallion deserves attributes of superlatives and his three even basic gaits were completely convincing at all presentations in Verden: Always tactful, using the hind leg ideally and powerfully, always balanced and uphill – an almost majestic appearance in Verden! His trot and canter are outstanding, the walk has good rhythm. This Bon Coeur stallion has everything we expect from a modern dressage sire.

In addition, his interior has shown a balanced temperament and the very best character traits in all performances. And also in his new environment in Celle, our employees are enthusiastic about this cuddly, people-oriented stallion.

Bonhoeffer is genetically highly secured via the mare strain of Loranda. None other than Weltmeyer, a sire of the century, comes from this tribe in addition to numerous Grand Prix horses. In addition, with Bon Coeur -Carabas-Ampere-Don Schutro, top sires and athletes line up like pearls on a string in his pedigree.

Bonhoeffer wins the test in Verden. Stallions individual score (trot/canter/step/equestrian/overall impression//weighted final score):

Bonhoeffer 8.0 / 9.0 / 8.8 / 8.5 / 8.5 / 9.0 // 8.61

Bonhoeffer finished with the highest weighted final score of 8.61

HLP 2022: Verden Dressage 8.71

HLP 2023: Verden Dressage 8.61


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