Born 1990
171 cm
Ln 331312308090

Price: $2175 for 3 ins max 3 pregnancies
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


World Cup I Sendernixe St pr st
Sire: Weltmeyer
Anka Absatz
Adelsbuch St pr st
Heathersett xx
Nevado xx Neara xx
 Dam: Navarina St pr st
Seeluft Sesam
Lupenbluta St pr st

Weltruhm is another excellent son of the legendary Weltmeyer. Weltmeyer above all is renowned for passing on his tremendous movement and correct conformation to his progeny. And pass them on he does. His breeding value is amazing. (See information  on Weltmeyer in his section.) Dam Navarina also produced the successful dressage horse Walkman 20 from the same mating combination. Her sire Nevado xx began his breeding career as a private stallion in Holstein and continued his siring career as a Celle state stallion until a ripe old age. Sesam 1 and Lugano 1 in the third and fourth generations were important performance transmitters during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This damline brought forth the sires Escudo 1 and Escudo 11, Luckner and Luxor, (all Celle stallions) and the private stallions Gotz, Moorson 1 & 11, Nashville, Welcanto, Weltfriede and Wieland as well as the successful international dressage horse Lido & H Boldt and Miss Ballerina, the champion mare of the 1990 Oldenburg elite mare show.

This outstanding Weltmeyer son went through his performance test in 1993 winning the dressage category out of 41 stallions presented. He attained high honours at the Federal Championship. Weltruhm has excellent paces, outstanding rideability and superb character. He is a big, striking horse with correct conformation and super top line. He has a harmonious appearance with terrific presence. He has been promoted up to advanced class in riding.
Woronow, a son, also stood at Celle. His daughter Wienna, similar to her brothers is of black colour and was one of the highest priced Verden auction horses of all time at the sum of DM460,000.00. His progeny are doing well in basic sport and have brought their sire a peak position in the FN breeding value rating for dressage. He improves on his progeny very much in riding type and conformation, and dressage ability. Winning sum of progeny is Euro 255,685.00. He has 7 licensed sons, 67 State premium mares, 252 main studbook mares and 94 auction horses.

HLP 1992: 126.27/6/41 DI 144.03/1 SI 93.85/24
Breeding Values:Dressage Young horse  (124) Competition (127) Own achievement (134) Jumping Young horse (58) Competition (65) Own achievement (50) Riding type (76) Conformation (124) Dressage (117) Jumping (75)


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