Born 2001
169 cm
Ln 431314614201


Price: $740 for 1 ins max 1 pregnancy
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Rubinstein 1 Antine
Sire: Rotspon
Antalia Argentan
Velten Sohn
Velten Third Wunderwald
 Dam: Velvet
Wepp World Cup 111

Rascalino is by the most admired stallion Rotspon who won his performance test in 1995. Rotspon now has 2 licensed sons standing at Celle, Rascalino and Royal Blend who have all shown very high dressage ability at their performance tests. Rotspon from the very beginning met the very high expectations of Celle for his breeding career. He already has 17 licensed sons and 160 state premium mares in Germany, and his youngsters show their superior mind and talent for dressage ability. Numerous Rotspon progeny have enriched the foal auctions and riding horse auctions in Verden. Romanze, the champion mare of the 2002 Ratje-Niebuhr Show in Verden is undoubtedly the highlight of Rotspon’s state premium mares to date. Around twenty sons have also been approved, of whom Re Primeur FRH and Royal Blend were each awarded the Burchard Müller Prize as the best stallions of their respective age classes. Rotspon is among the leading dressage sires Germany-wide in the FN breeding value rating.

Argentan is also worthy of note. Argentan 1, whose most famous stallion son is Argentinus, had the image of being a maker of mares without minimising his capacity in sport. Argentan 1 became the biggest disseminator of Absatz blood in contemporary breeding and distinguished himself as a supplier of international showjumpers and inspiring show mares. In 1994 Argentan 1 was declared Hanoverian stallion of the year. The third generation of Rascalino’s pedigree leads to high percentage black horse blood. The black horse World Cup III (Celle and Radegast state stallion), was trained up to advanced class and frequently passed on his great predisposition to his progeny. The pedigree is rounded off well by the strong black performance stallion Salut, who presented many showjumpers for the international stage and the top dressage horses.On the dam side is Velvet by Velten third by Velten Sohn. Velten Sohn was utilised in England, Sweden and Denmark both in breeding and sport, representing Denmark at the 1976 Olympics in Monteal and returned to Germany at the age of fifteen. At the age of 21 Velten Sohn applied for recognition by the breeding region of Hanover and upon positive reply covered in Bremen-Borgfeld for another 3 years. In Hanover he sired approved sons Von Velten and Velten Third.

Rascalino came first in his performance test out of 31 stallions in 2004. He scored 8 for character, 8 temperament, 8 willingness, 8 conformation, 10 for trot, 9 canter, 9 walk, 9 rideability, 7.67 for free jumping, 8.33 for jumping manner under saddle, 7 for jumping technique, and a high 9.67 for rideability under saddle in this jumping phase. This stallion shows a great pre-disposition for dressage talent. He has lots of power in his trot and canter, always maintaining the uphill tendency with a perfectly working back. The rhythm of his ground-covering walk is hard to top. He is always an eager worker, always concentrating and unbelievably uncomplicated to handle as a stallion- a true gentleman for ladies. His first starts in shows have brought many wins, winning the Riding Horse Championship in Verden in 2005 and then he earned 4th place at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in 2007 against strong competition from abroad. Meanwhile he is successful at advanced dressage level. He has 3 licensed sons, 22 state premium mares, 88 auction horses.

HLP 2004: 148.29/1/31; DI 153.37/1; SI 103.56/8


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