Born 1997
173 cm

Price: $3280 GST Incl. 3 inseminations
Stud: De Dalhoeve – Holland


Mahagoni Trak
Enrico Caruso Elchniederung Trak
Sire: Kostolany
Kapstadt Trak Falke Trak
Karben Trak
Donnerwetter Han
Donnerhall Old Ninette Old
Dam: Lonnevanck
Fanbonnevanck Ulf


Kostolany, (Trak) sire of Polansky, is also the father of Gribaldi. Gribaldi like his sire was the top stallion of the Neumunster approvals, and belonged to the top of the KWPN stallion approvals in s’Hertogenbosch. He is a top international dressage competitor and recognised sire of super progeny. Kostolany’s sons enjoy high esteem in the different breeding areas. He is recognised as a sire of top show jumpers, a characteristic that is not seen every day in the case of Trakehners. His daughters include numerous highly decorated registered mares and performance test winners. He himself competed at Grand Prix level.

Lonnevanck, Polansky’ dam was examined in 2000 along with her son, and her report stated that she had very good presence and was an eye catcher. She has a very well formed head and has very good length of neck. The neck is beautifully muscled and is well formed. The shoulder is good and her back and rump are also well conformed. Her fore and hind legs are very correct, and she has good feet. Use of her legs is exceptional. Her walk is correct and active and has good length. She uses her hind legs well and with strength. Lonnevanck by Donnerhall is a keur sport dressage horse. Fanbonnevanck pref is by Ulft, sire of Olympic Ferro. At the Borculo auction in 1999, the most expensive colt was out of Fanbonnevanck. The mother of Fabonnevanck is a Roemer dressage horse (3rd level) and her mother keur pref. comes from the stallion Eclatant. A pedigree full of predicates and sport results all shown in this very nice black stallion.

At Ermelo in 2000 at his licensing Polansky was commented on as being a typical riding horse and very much developed stallion type. He has very good legs and a good stance. His neck is very good and his shoulder is outstanding. His use of his hind legs was excellent-he had power, balance and rhythm. He is honest and trustworthy, is keen on work and a very obedient, willing learner. His walk and trot are very good. His canter was very balanced and strong. He has a very strong inherited tendency towards dressage, which his pedigree indicates, and so it was apparent that he showed more ability in dressage than in jumping. His scores received were walk 6, trot 7.5, canter 8.5, rideability 8, and he was fifth in his year for dressage, and 9th for jumping.

Twenty five foals of Polansky were presented in his first season in 2001. The foals are well formed and correct in the legs and the feet are well developed. Their walk is straight with good length and their trot is also spacious and balanced. Hind leg use is very good. The oldest foals of Polansky were in 2006 at the first inspection at the Stallion Selection and three were accepted as stallions. Here is a big black riding type stallion with great movement and presence who passes on his presence, movement and good riding type conformation to his offspring.


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