Born 2001
168 cm
Ln 431318800601

Price: $2175 GST Included
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Welsh Pageant
Lauries Crusador xx Square Note
Sire: Londonderry
Windsor Queen Warkant
Natiello xx Nathia
Dam: Naddel
Welfendrone Weltmeyer

Sire of Lauscher is Londonderry by Lauries Crusador. Lauries Crusador xx established his breeding career in a very short time, via a large number of approved sons and premiumed daughters with definite talent in dressage. He has been used considerably in Hanoverian breeding for that touch of ‘blood’ and improvement in movement. He improves considerably in dressage ability, and type. He is Hanoverian of the Year in 2006. Londonderry was the champion stallion of the 1997 Hanoverian stallion approval in Verden and absolved his stallion performance test as fifth of his age class in performance class 1. He also became federal champion 4 yo stallion in Warendorf in 1999. This was followed by the silver medal at the federal 6 yo dressage horse competition at the same site in 2001. His stud career has also been very successful. His breeding scores are very high in dressage ability. His progeny rate very high in overall riding type and conformation as well. See the section on Londonderry himself for further information.

At his performance test Lauscher scored 8 for character, 8 for temperament, 8 for willingness to perform, 8 for conformation. He scored 8’s for trot, canter, walk and rideability as well. For jumping he achieved 6.67 for free jumping, 7.33 for jumping under saddle, and 8.67 for overall rideability. He has 21 state premium mares, 8 auction horses.

HLP 2004: 110.57/9/42; DI 123.06/5; SI 87.96/24
Breeding Values: Dressage Young horse (121) Jumping Young horse (65)
Riding Type (115) Conformation (98) Dressage (119) Jumping (72)










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