Born 1978
169 cm
Ln 331314319478

Price: $2175 GST Included
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Der Loewe xx
Lugano II Altwunder
Sire: Lombard
Landsiegel Landeck
Nizam xx
Sudan xx Sorgfalt xx
Dam: Sturmdirnd
Asthutte Astflug

Lanthan’s sire Lombard has made great impact on the breeding and type of Hanoverian horse in Germany. His descendants distinguish themselves by their big frame, conformation, muscle structure and efficiency. They cover tremendous ground.

Lanthan sires beautiful, elegant, modern, large framed horses with wonderful temperaments and talent for both jumping and dressage. He has been known in Germany as a leading sire of conformation winners and show jumpers. As his offspring matured, he was also increasingly known as a sire of upper level dressage horses. Lanthan brings improvement of movement and elegance to his offspring. He passes on elastic movement and great rideability. In 1999 Lanthan was the stallion with the highest breeding value in his age group. His first breeding was in 1992. He has 15 licensed sons, 68 state premium mares, 378 main stud book mares, 116 auction horses and a total winning sum of Euro 502,173.00. A great number of his offspring have competed successfully.

HLP 1981: 127.92/4/33
Breeding Values (2007): Dressage (101) Jumping (100)
Riding type (121) Conformation (110) Dressage (82) Jumping (102)








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