Hunters Scendix

Born 2003
169 cm

Price: $1278 GST Incl.
Stud: Hunters Studfarm – Belgium


Spartan Gottilde
Sire: Stakkato
Pia Pygmalion
Dinar St Pr Alraune
Dam: Dixie
Pinie Pikoer

Terms of Sale: One insemination supplied for $1278 for maximum of one pregnancy permitted. No semen is to be given/sold onto anyone else for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy. No pregnancy guarantee.

This black Stakkato son was approved in 2005 in Verden (Hannover) and fulfilled in 2006 his 70 days test with excellent results (9.0) for free and parcours jumping. In 2006 he got very easily approved in Switzerland.

Scendix, a real knockout, stands out because of his gorgeous type, a good musculature and his elegant basic moves; moreover his proven bloodline enabled him with a delicious technique, bascule and a lot of scope.
His father Stakkato conducts a new bloodline of jumping horses, and won the German Championship with Eva Bitter in 2003. He is the unarguable No 1 on the German jumping index with a breeding value of 169/96, with the big names of Cassini 1, Contender and Caretino coming after him.
The black motherfather Dinar produced a big number of top jumping horses such as Dinaris and Duchesse !!! Pikoer and Wurf are famous for their excellent type and high jumping qualities. Pik As xx takes care of the necessary blood.

Scendix goes back to the Hannoverians 1275/Jodlerlied, who produced many impressive parcours horses. A special merit goes to grandmother Pinie, who left a great number of descendants in the highest regions of the jumping sport.

It is very clear that Scendix passes on his smart type and elegant movement. His foals are outstanding. In 2005 he served 25 mares in Germany and 10 in Switzerland. He breeds noble and long framed children. During the approvals his foals were always in front. Silberlowe (Scendix – Contender) was the first to be crowned in XXX (Germany) and Sputnic du Laves (Scendix – Karondo v Schlosslihof) got introduced with the elite foals in Switzerland. In Brugdorf, a Scendix foals won in the colt section, with his daughters placing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th! His proven qualities didn’t stay unnoticed to the breeders because in 2006 he served 83 mares in both countries.

Frozen semen of Scendix is of excellent quality. Hunters Scendix stands at Hunters’ Studfarm. More information and video footage is to be found at


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