Graf Top

Born 1993
171 cm
Ln 331311337993

WFFS pos

Price: $740 for 1 ins max 1 pregnancy
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Grannus Odessa
Sire: Graf Grannus
Goldmadel Goldlowe
Cor de la Bryere
Calypso 11 Tabelle
Dam: Capries
Geri Gotthard

The black stallion Graf Grannus made an impression from the start. He already presented 4 approved sons from his first crop in 1995, including the approvals champion Golden Champ, Glenfiddich and Graf Top. Graf Top’s background shows up a very significant damline of the renowned Hanigsen stud. Thus, grandam Geri produced the mare Candy together with Calypso 11, who in turn was dam of the Celle sire Laptop, by Loredo and the competition horse Cadiz 10 which is doing well in junior competitions. Gottilde, Geri’s full-sister, mated with Absatz produced the international show jumper Alwins Ass. Mated to Servus she gave birth to the sire Spartan, whilst with Patras, she produced the internationally successful Platin 12. In the descending generations Graf Top carries the blood of Goldfisch 11 seven times, four times alone, via the legendary Hanigsen show jumping millionaire Gotthard.

A lot of significance and expression mark this well-framed stallion, with clear riding horse type and in every way correctly presented. Bred out of performance horse bloodlines Graf Top showed outstanding ability in all disciplines at his performance test. He scored very good marks in show jumping and good marks in rideability scores. He is a stallion with an excellent conformation and shows a lot of expression and character. He is well-framed with clear riding horse quality. In every way a correctly presented sire.

His first breeding was in 1997.He improves in his progeny in riding type and conformation and is particularly high in jumping ability improvement. A son, Go on Top, was the best showjumper of the Hanoverian approval in Verden in 2002. Grey Top is the name of his latest licensed son who delighted experts and audience at the 2009 Stallion Licensing with his powerful jump and incredible sport attitude. He was nominated Premium Stallion. Graf Top’s foals displayed a peculiar charm and the same fantastic sport attitude too.

HLP 1996: 130.51/4/35; DI 126.94/4; SI 127.88/3


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