Born 2009
Dark Bay
173 hh

Ln 433330443509

WFFS neg

Price: $740 for 1 ins max 1 pregnancy
Stud: State Stud Celle – Germany


Florestan 1 Rhld
Furst Heinrich Westf Dawina Westf
Sire: Furst Romancier Old
Ronja Old Romancier Westf
Edwina Old
Pik Bube 1 Hann
Plaisir d’Amour Old Fleur Old
Dam: Wendy VPr/El Old
Walinda Verb Pr St Old Rubinstein 1 Westf
Weltstreiterin Old

The breeding of Furstbischof was awaited eagerly by the Hanoverian breeders. He was licensed in Vechta in 2011 and completed his performance test in 2012 easily. The excellent marks for trot, canter and readability confirm his special dressage talent. Furstbischof combines the outstanding dressage blood of his sire Furst Romancier with the performance genes of Plaisir d’Amour. Fürstbischof is a dark coated, beautiful type. When he was presented at the Oldenburger licensing, he was expressive and demonstrated very dynamic movement. He was also impressive during his performance test in Adelheidsdorf, where he performed with a special effortlessness and commendable willingness to work. He got high marks for his rideability and gaits.

His descendants should be on the list! Long-legged, with a wonderful type and above-average basic gaits, you are in no way inferior to your father. 26 registered sports descendants in total and 11 successful descendants in the past data year can be recorded by the Prince-Bishop. All successful daughters and sons are consistently placed high in riding horses and dressage horse tests. This inheritance brings Prince-Bishop a breeding value of 145. Fabuleux v. Fürstbischof – Contendro I from the breeding of Thomas Ahrens and owned by Finja Ahrens was able to collect series victories in riding horse tests and dressage horse tests of class A in 2020.

Every start is a victory.

The seven-year-old Fiesta del Sol v. Fürstbischof – Sancisco (breeder: Isabelle Schmidt, B.: Dajana Hoffmann) won several dressage competitions of class M*, placed high in M** competitions and has now arrived in class S. Here, too, she proved her talent and was already able to secure 3rd and 7th place.

In addition to the highly successful sport horses, Prince-Bishop has two licensed sons and sixteen high-priced auction horses. And his daughters also present themselves above average at the mare shows throughout the country.

Prince-Bishop – A more than successful blood alternative with rideable and head-clear descendants!

From his sire, Fürst Romancier (Fuerst Heinrich x Romancier), Fuerstbischof carries the finest dressage blood. Fürst Romancier has already produced several licensed sons and successful sporthorses. In Fürstbischof, Fürst Romancier meets with the breeding alternative of the Grand Prix horse, Plaisir d’Amour. Furthermore, this stallion goes back to the damline of Daffy-Toban. This line has produced successful dressage and show jumping horses as well as licensed stallions. Count on Me (Cornet Obolensky), Grafentstein (Grundstein I), and also the current German champion, Fransiskus (Fidertanz) arise from this line.
He gained 8 for character, 8 for ridebility, 6.67 for jumping, 8.5 for tot, 9 for canter, 7.5for walk and 7.63 for cross country at the 70 day test.
HLP 2012: Dressage 147 and Jumping 82




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