Dries 421

Born 2001

Price: $2595 GST Incl.
Stud: Stal Wijdewormer – Holland


Reitse P
Olof Wieneke S + PM
Sire: Jasper 366
Antje ut de Mieden S Franke
Elskje S + P
Mark P
Hearke P Gelbrich M + P
Dam: Hiltsje fan Nes M
Piterkje S Oege P
Wiesje S + P


A particularly well modelled stallion with a splendid front and a great deal of stallion expression. He is splendid in movement and literally danced during the Performance Test and he is above all a show horse!

His mother Hiltsje fan Nes is a top performer. During the 2001 Central Inspection (Centrale Keuring), this superb offspring of Hearke finished at the top of the 7 yo or older segment and went back home with a Model predicate.

Extracts from Dries 421 performance Test: “A horse with a beautiful conformation ideal for riding. The walk is ample and delicate. The trot ranges from satisfactory to good and shows a moment of suspension. The stallion produces a nice extended trot. The sustained canter is lively, and good overall. He performs easily and is a friendly and quite horse.” His scores were walk 8, trot 8.1, gallop 7.8, riding test 8.6, driving test 8, pulling test 7.9, show driving 6.5, willingness 7.7. Total 86.3.

Special terms for Dries 421: If your mare does not get in foal after 3 inseminations another 3 inseminations (or equivalent monies for another stallion from Stal Wijdewormer- Kwadijk) will be supplied the following year.


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