Beart 411

168 cm

Price: $2700 GST Incl.
Stud: Gebr. van Manen – Holland


Reitse 272 P
Olof 315 Wieneke 6878 ster
Sire: Jasper 366
Antje ut de Mieden 7153 ster Franke 251
Elskje 5851 ster P
Jochem 259
Feitse 293 P Lysebet 6199 ster P
Dam: Setske F 1119 ster P
Kingke 6246 Model P Dagho 247
Namke 5261 Model P


Champion 2006
Reserve Champion 2008
Champion older stallions and General Reserve Champion 2012
Champion older stallions 2013
Horse of the year 2014

Beart is a luxurious modern stallion with a lot size and breed type. Beart is descended from a very strong mare line. His mother, Setske F star pref. has 13 children with star: three dubbel preference!! She is the mother line of the seventh mare preference in a row! Mother of Setske F is the preference model mare Kingke, grandmother Namke is also model preference, five of her daughters are preferred on descendants.

Beart is definitely approved on his offspring. The progeny of Beart perform well on the testing fields, star percentage is 61%, this is wide above the average. His descendants, steps over and have a worn trot with a very strong hind use. Last year earned a large group of daughters of Beart a 1st premium and competed at the championships. Beart has been one of the top leaders of the Central Inspection for years. Every year during this inspection retrieve a large number of daughters of Beart the preliminary or the final crown and model designation. Beart is already father of no less than 20 Crown Mares and no less than 13 Model Mares from his first two volumes! Beart has already six approved sons, Maeije 440, Pier 448, Uwe 458, Tjalbert 460, Bikkel 470 en Epke 474.
Offspring of Beart perform well in the sport, several have already obtained the sport predicate. Also during the IBOP tests his children above the average. By the fantastic performance of his offspring Beart declared at age 14 Preference ! He became the youngest stallion ever stated preference within the KFPS.

Beart performed itself fantastic this year’s HK, he was the second year in a row Champion older stallions! Beart was lauded for its royal appearance, his mighty breed type and powerful movements. Beart was praised , to prevent his Royal , his mighty breed type and are very powerful movements . Beart was during this HK chosen poll KFPS horse of the year 2014! This year there is a beautiful, luxurious son of Beart designated for the central examination. Beart makes its mark on both sports as breeding


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